Blackhawk's Premium Leather Holsters and New Tech Grip Mag Pouches

Rachel Y
by Rachel Y

Blackhawk recently released it’s premium line of leather holsters and displayed them at the US Concealed Carry Association Expo (USCCAE), along with their new Tech Grip Magazine Pouches.

Premium Leather Holsters

Larry Houck, Senior Product Manager for Blackhawk said that the company wanted to offer the public the look of custom leather with a faster turnaround time than the custom leather holsters gaining popularity on the market today.

Available in burnished brown or antique (shown here), the Premium Leather line gives the look and feel of custom leather without the wait or expense.

The holsters are expected to come in 3 styles – 3 slot pancake, IWB, or OWB and two styles (antique or burnished brown) with an expected release date of June, 2018. MSRP on the holsters will be $99.95 and on the mag pouches will be $49.95.

Tech Grip Magazine Pouches

Blackhawk also displayed two sizes of Tech Grip Magazine Pouches at USCCAE. The Full/Compact mag pouches can accommodate either a single or double stack magazine (example – Glock 20, 17, 19). The Small magazine pouch is made specifically for the Glock 42 and 43-style magazines.

The mag pouches are machine-washable and boast a rounded cut to be concealed inside a pants pocket or can be carried IWB.

MSRP is $14.95 and have an expected release of mid-May, 2018.

Blackhawk's Pocket Tech Grip Mag Pouches come in 2 sizes to accommodate any mag size.

For more information on either the premium leather line or the tech grip mag pouches, go to Blackhawk’s website.

Press release content provided by Blackhawk.

Rachel Y
Rachel Y

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