Radians Expands their Portfolio & Acquires Bellingham Glove

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

Radians is known for many things within the shooting sports industry. They have great quality hearing protection in the form of muffs and earplugs, shooting glasses and gloves. To help expand those categories they have recently acquired Bellingham Glove which is a company under LFS Glove.

This new joint venture will be the beginning of an exciting relationship between the two manufacturers. LFS Glove Vice President, Bill Stevens, had these statements to share about the addition of LFS Glove into the Safety Supply Corporation family who are the owners of Radians.

The team at Bellingham® Glove is very enthusiastic about this new partnership. Bellingham Glove and Radians have both built reputations for innovation and excellence in the past 20 years. Combining our strengths will allow us to serve and supply our customers even more effectively.

One thing many shooters surrounding the firearms industry may not know is Radians does more than equipment for range enthusiasts. They actually have their hand in many industries that utilize safety gear. Mike Tutor, CEO of Radians, gives his thoughts on Radians absorbing Bellingham Glove into their family.

Our acquisition of LFS Glove will help Radians to continue our aggressive expansion of our hand protection category. The combination will provide our customers with an outstanding selection of gloves to meet a multitude of applications in the industrial and retail markets, including lawn and garden gloves, eco-friendly gloves, and gloves designed especially for women.

Like any transition of two companies together, there will be expected highs, lows, road-bumps and peaks. The president of Radians, Bill England, still believes this will be more of a joyful time than one of stress and worry.

Radians plans to work closely with the Bellingham Glove team during the integration of our operating systems, sales team, and inventory to ensure that best-in-class processes and systems are maintained to allow for a smooth transition and excellence in customer service.

The announcement of Bellingham Glove joining Radians was formally made on April 20th this year to dealers and distributors of their products. Hopefully by this time next year we at TFB will be covering an assortment of new products these two companies have collaborated to bring to market!

Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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