CAA Micro Roni OLIGHT Flashlight 900 Lumen Upgrade

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

The CAA Micro Roni is a clever little device that transforms a Glock handgun into a personal defense weapon sub-gun. CAA designed the Micro-Roni to be modular. The front of the Micro-Roni can accept their front integral tactical light. The tactical light is actually a plastic housing for an Olight flashlight. You can upgrade this with a 900 lumen Olight flashlight.

Olight Inside

Inside the polymer tactical light housing is an Olight S1 Baton flashlight. However I believe this one is made to CAA specifications. Sure it has CAA lasered markings on the body instead of Olight markings. But it is the function of the CAA light that sets it apart from the regular S1 Baton. The CAA tactical light is a single mode at 500 lumens. In contrast, the S1 Baton has four light levels. from 500 lumens down to 0.5 lumens.

I ordered an Olight S1R which has a high of 900 lumens. However it does require a little modification for it to work in the Micro Roni. As you can see in the photo below, the S1R is longer than the CAA tactical light.

The S1R features a special tail cap that allows a magnetic charging cable to charge the RCR123 battery it comes with.

Flashlight Transplant

In order to get the S1R to fit into the Micro Roni, you first need to swap tail caps. While this is not strictly necessary, it will prevent the charging compatible tail cap from building up any residue from the Micro Roni firing. Just look at the tailcap above compared to the S1R beside it. The CAA S1 tailcap is coated in carbon residue.

Next up you need to modifiy the flashlight housing, At the leading edge of the flashlight housing there is a ridge of polymer that helps to hold the bezel end of the CAA S1 tactical flashlight. You just need to remove that edge to fit the S1R flashlight. Make sure you remove it from both halves.

You can see how the bezel extends past the flashlight housing in the photo below

Make sure you position the light switch so it line up with the external button.

Once you finish modifying the CAA tactical light housing just orient the S1R appropriately so the on switch is underneath the housing button. Close the housing and insert it into the Micro Roni chassis.

Now your Micro Roni has 900 lumens and it is rechargeable.

Recharging the S1R

As I had mentioned above, the S1R is a rechargeable flashlight, You simply remove the S1R from the polymer housing and swap tail caps. Then position the S1R over the magnetic charging cable and once it makes contact, it begins recharging itself. Of course make sure the charging cable is plugged into a USB power supply. Either a AC adapter or a computer.

The Olight S1R only costs $64.95 and is a decent upgrade for the Micro Roni. Not only do you get a 400 lumen increase but you also have a rechargeable battery so no need to buy any more batteries for the Micro Roni. For more information on the Micro Roni go to CAA’s website. For information on the Olight S1R flashlight, go to their website.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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    valorius hasn't joined the discussion on how lasers are better and you don't need a weaponlight for PID...

  • Igorzubko Igorzubko on Apr 24, 2018

    i have a roni with the default lite. that's a cool diy although not sure i'd go thru all that trouble.