TFB + TFBTV Chat Room is Now Open to the Public (via Discord)

James Reeves
by James Reeves

For those of you who already know what Discord is, here’s the permanent invite to the chat room:

For those of you who don’t know what Discord is – no doubt, all of you know what a chat room is. That’s Discord, more or less. It started as a video-game specific chat app, but is now a very popular option for general use. It’s simple to figure out and easy to use – there’s a web-based version so you don’t have to install software. Don’t be intimidated.

Lifehacker explains:

If you’ve ever used Slack, Discord will feel familiar. It builds on some ideas Slack uses that people love like organized channels and built-in text commands, plus dead simple group voice chat. Of course, you don’t have to game with it—I use it just to chat with a group of friends instead of something like Skype or Facebook Messenger.

Easy enough.

The original TFBTV Discord chat kicked off a couple of weeks ago and was limited to Patreon supporters. While there will be designated chats for patrons only, the Patreon gang came up with the idea of opening a general chat room for all TFB readers and TFBTV viewers, and we listened.

Frankly, I think this is a long time coming, as the TFB community shouldn’t be relegated to Disqus threads attached to specific articles. For years, I’ve noticed some excellent (and…not so excellent) discussions in countless Disqus threads that would have benefited from a broader medium, reaching more readers and allowing them to participate and communicate in real-time. That’s what we are hoping for with TFB Discord. The editors and most of the writers are already in the chat (designated by their pink usernames, since red was already taken by our Patreon supporters), so you’ll have a direct line to a number of the guys from TFB.

Here’s a link to the chat:

We hope to see you there.

P.S. – If you are a Patreon supporter and want to get access to the patron-only chats, here’s the step-by-step from Patreon.

James Reeves
James Reeves

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  • Channel Channel on Apr 22, 2018

    There arent any voicechannels!? That sucks. I hope they will be made soon...
    This server has a lot of potential.

  • Joel Joel on Apr 22, 2018

    James, the photo at the top of this post makes you look old, man.