JMAC Customs Gets 'Loud And Flashy"

by Pete

If you spend any time on firearms-focused social media channels, it is easy to spot those who are going through the motions just for the business and those who truly enjoy their work. Justin and Ashley McMillion of JMac Customs definitely fall into the later category and their newest product is a perfect example of their pure enjoyment for the shooting sports. Called the ‘Loud And Flashy’ or the LAF (wink) for short, JMac has created a working muzzle brake that is most definitely not a flash hider.

At a little over one inch long, the LAF is comprised of a single blast chamber with open sides and slots through the top surface. The result is a brake that is excellent at controlling muzzle rise as well as blasting sparks in a pattern reminiscent of the the Death Star Explosion in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

The attached images of the light and fireworks show when the LAF is put to work is an excellent display of JMac’s engineering skills as much as it is their photography and videography talent.

Details, specifications and pricing can be found below.

JMAC Customs ‘Loud And Flashy’

The LAF (Loud And Flashy) is a LARGE single chamber muzzle brake designed to enhance sound and flash, while reducing recoil and muzzle rise!

  • LAF 14: 14-1LH threads
  • LAF 28: 1/2×28 threads
  • LAF 24: 24-1RH threads
  • LAF 26: 26-1LH threads
  • LAF 30: 5/8-24 threads
  • 1.7″ wide 1.5″ tall
  • Only adds a little over 1″
  • 17-4ph stainless
  • QPQ Black Nitrided
  • MSRP: $98.95

About JMac Customs

JMac Customs specializes in high quality Kalashnikov parts and accessories

  • High quality replicas of original military parts that are rare or scarce in the US
  • Innovative new products to upgrade and refine the Kalashnikov while maintaining its core, rugged simplicity
  • All of our products are manufactured in the US using the best materials and extreme detail

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