Chiappa 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Lever Action Rifles

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by Hrachya H
Chiappa 60th Anniversary Commemorative Lever Action Rifles (1)

In celebration of the company’s 60th anniversary, Chiappa has released two engraved versions of their Winchester Model 1892 lever action rifles. The company was established in 1958 by Ezechiele (Oscar) Chiappa and it is still a completely family-owned business.

These commemorative lever action rifles are limited edition firearms. One of the rifles is made in quantity of six and the other one – sixty. Both anniversary rifles have identical overall (42″) and barrel (24″) lengths. They are chambered in .45 Long Colt and have a magazine capacity of 12 rounds. The difference between the two is the engraving and finish colors. The rifles have octagonal barrels and long buckhorn sights. The weight of these rifles is 7 lbs. Let’s take a brief look at each of them.

Chiappa 1892 60th Anniversary Gold
Chiappa 60th Anniversary Commemorative Lever Action Rifles (5)

As you can see, this version has a gold colored receiver with laser engraved Old West theme. The high-grade walnut stocks and forearms are hand finished.

Chiappa 60th Anniversary Commemorative Lever Action Rifles (3)

The company made six of this particular version.

Chiappa 1892 60th Anniversary Black
Chiappa 60th Anniversary Commemorative Lever Action Rifles (1)

As mentioned above, the two rifles have virtually identical features. Even the engraving pattern is the same with the difference of color selection.

Chiappa made 60 pieces of this version of their commemorative lever action rifles.

About Chiappa 1892 rifles (quoted from the company’s website):

The Winchester 1892 is one of the historical rifles that cemented lever actions as a favorite firearm of the American Old West. Designed by none other than John M. Browning, the Chiappa Firearms’ 1892 is a true reproduction, with all parts being interchangeable with an original 1892. Metal parts are precision made on modern CNC equipment, while the beautiful wood stocks are hand finished and crafted for a perfect metal to wood fit. Chiappa manufactures models to suit anyone’s need; from the classic 1892 Takedown Rifle with an octagonal barrel to the modern performance oriented, hard chromed 1892 Alaskan, to the Mare’s Leg made famous by Hollywood.

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  • Rimfire Rimfire on Apr 20, 2018

    I'd choose the Winchester 1892's they have built by Miroku, of Browning fame. They are high quality and finished so well. No prices shown for these?? I have some sceptical views of Chiappa's quality based upon other reviews of their products.
    A grade one Winchester 1892 can be had for ~$900 new, It feels smooth right out of the box, and the action is fantastic after a box of cartridges!

  • Dltaylor51 Dltaylor51 on Apr 24, 2018

    I wonder if you can get one without the branded stock? Most commemorative's bring less than the standard version where I live.The closer they stay to the look and feel of the original Winchester the better but I have to admit these guys are capable of making some very lice guns.