BOSS Adjustable Buffered Recoil Spring Assembly for Gen5 Glock 17 Pistols

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BOSS Adjustable Buffered Recoil Reducing Spring Assembly for Gen5 Glock 17 Pistols (5)

DPM Systems Technologies is known for manufacturing recoil springs with built in recoil reduction mechanisms. They make such springs for ARs, AKs and a huge variety of handguns. Among their recently released new products, there is an adjustable buffered recoil spring for the Gen 5 Glock 17 pistols. This recoil spring assembly is called BOSS which stands for Black Oxide Stainless Steel.

BOSS Adjustable Buffered Recoil Reducing Spring Assembly for Gen5 Glock 17 Pistols (3)

As with many other DPM products, this is a drop-in accessory and doesn’t require any modifications to the weapon. In order to install it all you need is to disassemble the pistol and replace the stock recoil spring with the DPM BOSS system. You can download the installation instructions by clicking here.

Here is how the company describes the recoil mitigation process:

The third spring which is contained within the recoil rod controls the movement of the slide so it never rams on the frame.

It is not clear whether they mean a constant recoil system or just less violent impact of the slide.

This system also includes three different length washers which make it adjustable. By changing the washer type you can adjust the recoil spring weight and tune the system to the feel you prefer or to the ammunition type. The longer the installed washer the heavier will be the recoil spring. DPM systems suggest using the longest washer with high-pressure ammunition such as +P. This washer will provide a 27 lb spring weight. The mid-length washer gives you a 22 lb spring weight and it is recommended to be used with factory ammunition. Lastly, the shortest washer has a 17 lb weight and it is more suitable for use with competition ammunition.

One of the three washers

DPM Systems Technologies is a Greek company. They do have a US dealer, however, looks like the BOSS recoils spring system is not yet available on the US distributor’s website. On the European web store of the company, this spring system is listed at €120 (about $150).

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    The Gen5s have a different recoil system from the Gen4s? This is news to me.

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