Russian Bulletec “Spike” Adjustable Competition AK Trigger

    Russian Bulletec Spike Adjustable Competition AK Trigger

    The number of private Russian companies manufacturing firearm accessories constantly increases. There are more an more AK accessories appearing on the market that are made in this country. Bulletec is one of those domestic Russian companies that makes a variety of AK parts including an adjustable trigger. To my knowledge, this is the only Russian company that makes non-factory pattern triggers for AK rifles. Their AK trigger is called Spike and it is primarily dedicated for use in competition firearms.

    Russian Bulletec Spike Adjustable Competition AK Trigger

    One of the main features of this trigger is its adjustability. It is possible to adjust the trigger pull distance and weight, as well as the take-up and overtravel. The adjustments are accomplished via four set screws. Among other features of the Spike trigger, Bulletec points out the shape and angle of the trigger shoe that the company claims to be an optimal one for a competition trigger.

    Russian Bulletec Spike Adjustable Competition AK Trigger 11

    The installation into the firearm is as simple as replacing the stock trigger and sear. However, in order to have a reliably working adjusted trigger the company suggests to install the Spike trigger, adjust it, then uninstall it, measure the adjusted set screws’ heights/depths, remove the screws, degrease the threads and screws, apply some thread locking compound, assemble the screws to the pre-measured dimensions and install the assembly back into the gun. The installation and adjustment processes are shown in the video below. Unfortunately, the video is in Russian only but you can still get a general idea of how the adjustments are done.

    The Bulletec Spike trigger is made of steel and ships with all the necessary hardware to install and adjust it. It can be installed in place of pretty much any AKM-style trigger mechanism including those found on Saiga-12 and Vepr-12 shotguns. The MSRP on the company’s website is currently 6,700 rubles which roughly converts to $107 by today’s exchange rates.

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