Civilian MSBS GROT Hits the European Market

    Civilian MSBS

    Frag Out got hands on with the new civilian version of the MSBS (Frag Out)

    We at TFB have been following the progress of FB Radom’s MSBS/GROT for a while and back in October 2017 we reported that a semi-automatic civilian legal version would be launched in Europe. New reports reveal the civilian MSBS is about to be released in Europe.

    A number of European publications including MilMag and Frag Out have had access to the new civilian rifle, designated the S16 FB-M1. Frag Out report that:

    the first production run of 500 pieces. First 100 units will be limited, to commemorate Polish Independence (regained in 1918), edition which will have some special laser-engraved markings and certificate. Every rifle will come with engraved Polish White Eagle on the right side of the upper receiver.

    The semi-auto GROT S16 FB-M1 will come with a Magpul MOE handguard, a green translucent polymer 30-round magazine, cleaning kit, manual, warranty card and hard case. The primary change is to the fire control group with the standard fully automatic fire control group being replaced with a two-position selector with safe and fire at 90-degree rotation. The civilian rifle, like the military MSBS, has fully ambidextrous controls.

    Right side of the S16 FB-M1 (Frag Out)

    Unlike the MSBS, the S16 FB-M1, has a threaded barrel and cannot mount a bayonet. Frag Out also note that:

    There were also some changes in the internals of the rifle – except the lack of full-auto capability. The bolt carrier was modified and the six wolfram plunges were removed. The S16 FB-M1 trigger works different too, it’s not MIL-SPEC one either the Match. The trigger reset is quite long, so no quick double taps. Unfortunately, it is not modular and cannot be replaced without some serious modification of the rifle.

    Frag Out noted that there was some “wobbling in the collapsible stock stock” and that the selector was a little stiff.

    MilMag have shared a first look range video on their facebook page, check it out below:


    S16 FB-M1 with its stock folded (Frag Out)

    Close up of the S16 FB-M1’s selector (Frag Out)

    S16 FB-M1 Specifications: 

    Caliber: 5.56×45 mm NATO/.223 Remington
    Overall length: 681 mm (26.81”) with folded stock or 903 mm (35.55”) with stock fully extended
    Barrel length: 406 mm (16”)
    Barrel twist: 1:9
    Weight: 3.7 kg (8.16 lbs)

    The first 100 civilian GROTs will be shipped to distributors in mid-April. It remains to be seen if and when FB Radom will be able to import a semi-automatic version of the rifle into the US, but MilMag report that Radom are working to bring them to the US market.


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