Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute Publishes Approved 224 Valkyrie Cartridge Specifications

Rachel Y
by Rachel Y

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) voted to approve the Federal Premium 224 Valkyrie as an official new cartridge during their committee meeting at the 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada this past January. 224 Valkyrie’s SAAMI standards documents are now published
and available to the industry as a whole, as well as to the public.

“It’s thrilling to have brought the world’s best MSR 15 cartridge to market. We’re proud and excited about our new cartridge, and we deeply appreciate SAAMI’s support with this launch,” said Federal Premium Ammunition President Jason Vanderbrink.

SAAMI’s approval of the cartridge was a crucial step in legitimizing it within the industry. Their work creates standards for the cartridge, increasing safety, interchangeability, reliability and quality for the dozens of firearm manufacturers currently building rifles in our 224 Valkyrie.

SAAMI allows free access to technical data and drawings for the cartridge and chamber designs, which are posted in the Information and Specifications section of the organization’s website. All cartridge and chamber drawing documents are contained within the ANSI/SAAMI Standards and can be found on The New SAAMI Cartridge Cartridge/Chamber Designs and Revisions for 224 Valkyrie can be viewed here:

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SAAMI was founded in 1926 at the request of the federal government and tasked with creating and publishing industry standards for safety, interchangeability, reliability, and quality, as well as coordinating technical data. SAAMI’s Technical Committee, which consists of firearm and ammunition industry experts, reviewed the 224 Valkyrie submission over a period of about six months. The official cartridge name, maximum cartridge and minimum chamber dimensions, pressure limits, test equipment, and other characteristics are all considered and scrutinized during the process.

Federal Premium’s 224 Valkyrie is based on a 6.8 SPC case necked down to 22 caliber. It offers dramatically improved trajectories over all other MSR 15 cartridges, including the 22 Nosler, 223 Rem. and 6.5 Grendel—with roughly half the recoil of larger cartridges offering comparable ballistics, such as the 6.5 Creedmoor. Shooters can expect best-in-class ballistics, supersonic flight past 1,300 yards and extreme long-range accuracy from this exciting new cartridge.

The 224 Valkyrie is initially available in four loads: 90-grain Gold Medal Sierra Match King, 60-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint, 90-grain Fusion MSR and 75-grain American Eagle TMJ. These proven Federal Premium offerings provide options for long-range competitors, target shooters and hunters pursuing game from varmints up to deer-sized animals.

Federal Premium is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. For more information on Federal Premium, go to

Press release content provided by Federal Premium.

Rachel Y
Rachel Y

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  • Nate_naah Nate_naah on Apr 10, 2018

    That 90-grain Fusion MSR is tickling my fancy for coyotes and hogs. Soon as I find a barrel that doesn't cost my first born I think I'm gonna give it a go.

  • Vic Nighthorse Vic Nighthorse on Apr 10, 2018

    I just played a bit with QuickLoad and QuickTarget and, contrary to this
    press release, it looks like a .223 WSSM with both the 75gr and 80gr
    Berger VLD target bullets might beat the .224 Valkyrie with a 90gr SMK to
    over 1500 yards. I don't have a .223 WSSM and have never shot beyond 500
    yards, so this isn't butt hurt driven, I was just curious. Not saying
    that the .223 WSSM is a better cartridge either, as I don't think it is -
    only that it is different. I only had the best BC for the Bergers so I had to guess to split it into 4 different ones (for different velocity ranges) like QL has for the 90gr SMK.

    • See 3 previous
    • Vic Nighthorse Vic Nighthorse on Apr 11, 2018

      @DISCO Agreed. Most shooters I know don't even believe that erosion is significant problem and think that I am the crazy when I warn them about their "hot" loads and rapid shooting. I tailor my .243 WSSM loads for a lower but more even pressure (a nice long smooth pressure curve ending still quite high). I have found that with the right components I can move the calculated maximum pressure point as far as 3.6" down the barrel. Most loads I see for most rifles appear to max out at 1.2" - 2". I rarely load for more than 45k max psi and usually for about 36k psi. I also don't let the barrel get hot. I space my shots out a lot. At 36k psi it pushes 90gr copper bullets to about 2845fps and for the most part that is plenty for me.The max velocity I have recorded with a 90gr bullet in my rifle was 3260fps and even that wasn't topping it out.