Black Moose 50/50 Muzzle Can + Barrel Shroud

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“50/50 Muzzle Can + Barrel Shroud” is exactly the name of this accessory made by a company called Black Moose. And it is what its name says. This device is basically a 1.25″ diameter tube with a threaded portion about halfway inside it. Once installed on the rifle, half of this accessory becomes a barrel shroud and the second half protrudes over the muzzle working as a blast shield.

The threaded portion inside the can is not exactly in the middle. It is a bit offset resulting in 1.5″ space over the threads on one end and 2″ on the other end. Such layout makes it compatible with many different barrel and gas system lengths. The overall length of this device is 4.25″.

Cutaway of this muzzle device/barrel shroud

In order to fit this device, the shorter AR-15 barrels must have at least 2.5″ space from the gas block shoulder to the muzzle threads shoulder or at least 1.5″ space from the front edge of the gas block to the threads shoulder. This Black Moose muzzle device will fit virtually any barrel profile and caliber as soon as the barrel is threaded for 1/2×28 or 5/8×24 thread pitch. The 1.25″ outside diameter allows to fit it inside the majority of AR-15 free floated handguards.

Minimal distance from the gas block shoulder to muzzle threads shoulder must be 2.5

This Black Moose accessory is made of 6061-T6 aluminum and has a Type III hard coat anodized finish. The installation is accomplished via using the provided crush washer and simply tightening the can on the rifle.

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The Black Moose 50/50 Muzzle Can + Barrel Shroud is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP $40 (right now discounted to $30). The price remains the same regardless of the thread pitch choice.

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Is there any real practical use of this device? I am not sure. It will redirect the muzzle blast forward, but then you can’t have a muzzle brake, compensator or flash hider. Is there a need for having a barrel shroud? Maybe, if your barrel protrudes over the handguard!? I guess the most useful feature is the cool appearance. What do you think about the Black Moose 50/50 Muzzle Can + Barrel Shroud?

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