SILENCER SATURDAY #14: Delta P Tames H&K's MP7 And Sig's Rattler

by Pete

Welcome everyone, thank you for joining TFB’s Silencer Saturday. Back in January at the 2018 SHOT Show TFB’s big boss Doc Rader, TFBTV’s James Reeves and I had a unique opportunity to visit a range on the outskirts of Vegas and meet up with the team from Delta P Design. If you remember, last year I reviewed the Brevis II Ultra – a six ounce 5.56mm silencer that can withstand heavy fire schedules. Today we take a look at two of Delta P Design’s latest developments: a Brevis III specifically designed for the Sig Sauer Rattler and the Heckler & Koch MP7.

As a flashback to our previous discussions, Delta P builds their suppressors using a process called Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and using materials like titanium and inconel. Requiring no machining, the Brevis is formed using lasers that melt powdered metal to form intricate shapes that are also incredibly strong.

Delta P Brevis III @TFBTV – H&K MP7 and Sig Rattler

April 7, 2018 – In this episode of TFBTV, James reports from Nellis Air Force Base outside of Las Vegas and gets hands-on with the Delta P BREVIS III SMG silencers for the SIG Rattler in .300 Blackout and the H&K MP7. The Brevis III silencer is 3D printed and, according to Delta P, “surpasses conventional technology and meets the full range of NATO suppressor requirements. Based on the proven BREVIS II, the BREVIS III adds features to reliably suppress machine guns from the MP7 to the M2 BMG.”

The Brevis III is different from previous generations in that it features forward facing vents that act to direct the expanding gases forward and out of the can instead of back down the barrel and into the action which increases the cyclic rate, contributes to fouling and can lead to reliability issues.

Pete’s Holiday-Inn-Express-Engineer-Voice: The initial pressure spike of a round traveling through a silencer is followed by a pressure void (negative pressure). In typical silencers, that void acts to pull gas back into the gun’s system. However, the Delta P team uses the additive manufacturing process to create intricate internal geometry that routes that vacuum-pull pressure forward and out the front vents.

The end result is a cleaner, cooler, more reliable weapon system that cycles at normal rates. As for sound suppression levels, even though we didn’t have a meter available that day, both the MP7 and Rattler versions were as “hearing safe” as any supersonic round fired in a short barrel. In my opinion, the Brevis III was nothing short of remarkably quiet considering the platforms it was designed to suppress.

Applications for this design are obviously focused on specialized military and law enforcement units where close quarters battle (CQB), vehicle-based and executive protection tactics requires a small platform that won’t destroy eardrums when fired in enclosed spaces.

Even so, civilian customers looking to pickup a Brevis III can buy directly from Delta P. Just be prepared for that price tag: the current Brevis II sells between $1,300-$1,500.

The MP7 Brevis III is 4.8” long and weighs 8.3oz while the Rattler Brevis III is 4.5” inches long, has an outer diameter of about two inches and weighs 15oz (due to the use of inconel versus titanium).

While the Brevis III units we tested in January were dedicated to PDWs, similar models can withstand repeated abuse of fully automatic crew served weapons firing schedules. We are talking, shoot it until it turns translucent/white hot kind of abuse.

This is the future of suppressor design – imagine if prices of laser sintering equipment for titanium and inconel dropped to the levels of current industrial milling machines. Or even better, prices were at obtainable levels like consumer-grade 3D printers. The industry would be flush with designs and prototypes that would eventually be available to shooters everywhere. I can’t wait.

About Delta P Design

Delta P Design™ At Delta P Design our centerfire rifle suppressors and accessories are designed to create new paradigms rather than just compete. By leapfrogging present technology, our customers tell us that Delta P Design delivers outstanding next generation solutions!

Delta P Design first debuted the Brevis line of suppressors in 2008 with the Brevis 7.62. Since then we have continuously refined our products with the input of end users. Delta P Design has always strived to be flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers. Based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Delta P Design manufactures American made suppressors and accessories for customers in the United States and all over the world.

Forgotten Weapons Maxim SileNcerm

“Winchester 94 w/ Maxim Silencer at James D Julia – Sold for $13,800.The Winchester Model 94 is one of the most iconic American sporting rifles ever made, and this particular one is chambered in the equally iconic .30-30 cartridge. It is a takedown version, made in 1907, and most interestingly of all, it comes with a legal and registered original Maxim Silencer.”

Detroit Ammo @TFB

“If you own a 12ga Shotgun suppressor, the subsonic slug and buckshot options from Detroit are fun on the range and should pack enough punch to be a capable defensive weapon if you choose. There really is nothing like suppressing a 12 Gauge shotgun with subsonic ammunition. I highly recommend giving it a shot (bad pun added for emphasis).”


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