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by Pete

Hello everyone, my name is Pete and its been six weeks since my last B&T post (although my brother in arms Erik B. has been doing a stellar job of keeping us updated about B&T products in the EU). Even so, I feel it’s time I fell off the wagon to talk about Custom Smith MFG – a company manufacturing simple but usable products for B&T firearms.

Most of the products designed and crafted by Custom Smith focus on bringing pistol stabilizing braces to popular models like the TP9, APC9, and GHM9. Using original B&T parts, the company adds their own adapters for stock attachments like the Tailhook PSB, many of which are 3D printed in-house.

Although instructions are provided with each kit, Custom Smith highly suggests using their modification service as some of the Torx screws are a bit tight and can be stripped without the right persistence.

Not an owner of a B&T firearm? No worries, they offer gear for H&K-style brace adapters and other parts. So if you are waiting on your tax stamp or better yet have no plans for one, a visit to Tech Smith might be worth your time.

Custom Smith –

Custom Smith MFG B&T Tailhook Ready Brace GEN2 (Tailhook Not Included)

GEN2 Tailhook Ready B&T Converted Factory Wire Stock

  • Made from original B&T Factory Parts
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Discrete No-Slip Shelf
  • Locks in the Closed/Folded position
  • Made from Solid & Proven Onyx (Nylon & Carbon Fiber)
  • Compatible with: TP9, MP9, GHM9, KH9, P26

Custom Smith TP9 Side Charger

The Tech Smith TP9 Side Charger answers the need for a quicker and more durable way to charge your TP9. Made out of Onyx and Carbon Fiber it is extremely stiff and ready for repeated abuse. Unlike the factory charging handle the Side Charger allows you to quickly and easily charge your weapon with your finger or your palm. No more slippery pinching…

  • This Side Charger will not bend- will not break under normal to heavy use.
  • The Stiff Carbon Fiber construction allows for a harder quicker charging of your TP9.

Custom Smith AFG TP9 Mini

This is a Tech Smith MFG AFG specifically made for the B&T TP9 (USA) Import. Small and useful, it is an excellent addition to your TP9 pistol especially if you are running a Tailhook. This attaches using the same mount holes that the TP9’s 3 O’clock Rail attaches with. Remove the Rail and attach with the supplied hardware.

  • Compatible with: B&T TP9 Pistol (USA)
  • Required Modification: Yes – Field Strip Disassembly of the firearm is needed to access the screws to remove the rail. No Fitting required. This is a Drop-In Replacement.

Custom Smith TP9 AFG MAX

Tech Smith has made a new AFG MAX for the TP9. The AFG MAX comes in 3 versions. Each version feels the same but is meant for different firearms. This is one of the most comfortable AFG’s out there and gives the shooter additional control when needed.


  • TP9 Pistol
  • TP9-N Pistol
  • TP9-N SBR

MP5 Telescopic TailHook Adapter (Stock Conversion Required)

This adapter can ONLY be used with a converted 4 position MP5 Telescopic Stock. The conversion process removes 1 position and shortens the length leaving it at a finished state of 12.5 inches for LOP.

  • This has been measured out and worked on ATI 4 Position stocks- there is no guarantee it will work on other brands.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended that our Custom Modification service is used however customers are welcome to modify their own stock. Instructions will be provided.

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