POTD: Maxim 9 AOW

    Jorge aka @Silencers_1909 is at it again. Another stamp has been added to the collective. If you recall, Jorge has an impressive stamp collection. Well this new one is for a Form 4 transfer of a Maxim 9 AOW.

    There is something odd about this picture. Have you spotted it yet? It is the stamp. Jorge says this was a Form 4 and not a Form 1. Do you know the difference? A Form 4 is when you transfer an NFA item. In the case of an AOW an FFL has to manufacture it. They mount a vertical grip onto your Maxim 9. Or it is made as an AOW from the manufacturer. For example, the Serbu Shorty. If you want one, you just have it transferred to you by you class 3 FFL and pay the ATF $5. However if you wanted to convert your Maxim 9 pistol into an AOW yourself, in this case mount a vertical grip yourself, then you need to file a Form 1 and pay the ATF $200. Yes you read that right. To legally put a vertical grip on a pistol, it will cost you $200. Or have an FFL do it and then it just costs $5. Both have a wait time measured in several months. By paying $200 you can keep your pistol and shoot it while you wait for approval. Have someone else do it for you for cheaper and they have to hold onto your pistol.

    So what is odd about this photo and form 4? The Green $200 tax stamp. If you were following along, Jorge did not manufacture this Maxim 9 AOW. He used Capitol Armory to do it and should have gotten a $5 red tax stamp.

    Does it really matter? Not really. It is just an example of how the ATF makes mistakes.