Desert Tech HTI Rifles in Service with Armenian Troops

by Miles

An Armenian Armed Forces Facebook morale page (not associated with the military) shared photographs in January of what appear to be Armenian Special Operations troops at a training range in the country with precision rifles. Despite attempts to censor the photographs of any identifying small arms characteristics, it is quite obvious to the trained eye that the rifle in one of the photographs is a Desert Tech High Threat Interdiction (HTI) manually repeating, bullpup anti-materiel rifle chambered in one of the four calibers that it is offered in (.50 BMG, .416 Barrett, .408 Chey Tac, and .375 Chey Tac).

Earlier on TFB we shared a video of an anti-materiel rifle being fired from an Armenian position at an Azeri foot patrol. From the scant information available in the video we summarized that it might have been a Zastava M93. Seeing these images now, it is entirely possible that the rifle used might have been an HTI, if this rifle purchase had gone through before December, it could be possible that the rifle used was a Desert Tech.

The scope is quite possibly the Kahles K624I 6-2456
Image from Desert Tech product page

Another indication is the polymer ammunition case that lies in two pieces to the right of the shooter. The tips of the larger caliber rounds are just barely visible above the censored photo box, in addition to the blue logo printed on the box. Obviously, the case on the right holds the rounds while the lid to the box is on the left.

Image from Euro Optic product page.

Also on the line was an Aspar Arms precision rifle with a missing cheekpiece.

The invisible handgun is still waiting to be identified by TFB staff.

Much Thanks to TFB Reader Verdan for sending the tip, and reigning PID Champion Ifran for the scope ID!


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