The Glock Revolution Comes to Peshawar in Select-Fire

by Miles

A Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) based handgun company appears to have successfully been able to replicate a select fire Glock 19 with the rear selector switch. Khan Afzal Manufacturer Arms recently shared videos on their Facebook page showing various company employees test firing the Glock 19s both on semiautomatic and on full automatic, once the selector was engaged.

For those interested this isn’t the first time that Glock handguns have been meticulously copied. China has been known to have a few in addition to a Russian entity that even has a .22 LR version. Iran might have some as well but that is unconfirmed.

We’ve uploaded the Facebook videos to our media support channel, TFB-Side TV so that readers could more easily view them here on the page. In this first video, the worker tests both the semiautomatic and the fully automatic capabilities.

In this one, a worker tests only the fully automatic capability. The language being spoken is Pashtu and not Urdu for those interested.

This Glock replication work isn’t new to the region. In fact, it has been ongoing for several years with a serious attempt to completely replicate the 9x19mm Glock handgun. The company appears to have come extremely close when it comes to replicating the external characteristics and markings. Copies range from full size 17 models and 19 models of earlier Glock generations and even new ones such as the Gen4. Upon closer inspection, the biggest giveaway appears to be the trigger. On the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa models, there appears to be a two piece trigger and an enlarged, almost bladed trigger safety set between the trigger. Once broken down, the similarities begin to fade as one can see some of the different components that aren’t the same.

These two photographs of Gen4 modeled Glock 19s.

The company appears to have been also experimenting with different configurations of Glock models, different finishes,

We recently wrote about the fact that Pakistan increased regulations on select fire small arms, so there doesn’t appear to be too much of a Pakistani civilian market for these full-autos. But on the other hand, these would be available for law enforcement and military entities within the country.

Much thanks to Nauman who wrote the initial post on Silah Report about the Glock copies in Pakistan!


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