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Matador Arms has introduced a new muzzle device called Flarestack. This device combines the features of a muzzle brake, muzzle rise compensator and flash hider.

The sets of two holes on either side of the Flarestack make it work as a muzzle brake redirecting the gasses to the sides and mitigating the felt recoil. There are also identical ports on top of this muzzle device which vent some of the gasses upwards thus pushing the barrel down and compensating the muzzle rise. Lastly, the front portion of Flarestack muzzle device has four prong flash hider design which reduces the signature of the gasses following the projectile.

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The Matador Arms Firestack muzzle device is CNC machined from a solid block of 4140 chrome moly steel. It features a black nitrided finish/surface treatment. This muzzle device is available in two caliber options – .223/5.56 and .308/7.62. Both options have standard thread pitches – 1/2×28 and 5/8×24 respectively. Of course, each caliber option will also be compatible with smaller caliber rifles than it is rated for.

The Flarestack muzzle device has an overall length of 2.39″ and its diameter at the largest point is .99″. When installed on the rifle, it adds 2″ to the overall length of the weapon. In order to install the Flarestack, you need to use the included crush washer and tighten it until you get the proper orientation and torque – much like in the case of the majority of AR-15 muzzle devices. The flat surfaces on top and bottom are milled out not only to remove the unnecessary material and reduce the weight but also to fit a 3/4″ wrench which you will need to use when installing the Flarestack. The weight of this muzzle device is 4.3 oz.

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If by the time this article is published the Flarestack is not yet available for purchase for the US customers ( Matador Arms is a Canadian company), then it should be very soon. The MSRP of the Matador Arms Firestack muzzle device is $45.99 for the US customers and $59.99 if you buy it in Canada.

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  • Friend Friend on Apr 05, 2018

    What kinda rail is on that upper?

    • Sam Sam on Apr 06, 2018

      @Friend The link is spelled wrong. I can't open their site from work, but I'd bet the rail is from Matador also.

  • Vitor Roma Vitor Roma on Apr 06, 2018

    Jack of all trades, master of none. Decent price.