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Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

For those of you who dabble in NFA items, you will know the hate/love relationship with having awesome things and the pain of getting the tax stamp. @Silencers_1909 posted his NFA stamp collection on a Facebook NFA group. You may remember his Old Glory image consisting of some of his NFA collection. According to Jorge, there are 66 stamps with 17 still pending. That is a lot of stamps.

I see three red $5 tax stamps and the rest appear to be $200 tax stamps. There are four stamps that look odd. Three of them look like they were printed on the paper and text printed over them. Normally you receive an actual stamp and the ATF agent writes the serial number, approval date and their initials on the physical stamp. Then there is the odd looking one to the right of EARSMATTER. It does not look like a stamp at all. According to Jorge, it is a certified copy. He has this because the ATF lost his stamp in the mail.

Take A Closer Look At This NFA Stamp Collection

There are some rather humorous serial numbers. NFA TYRANNY EST1934 is one of my favorites.

Check out Jorge’s body of work on his Instagram account.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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