Leupold’s RX-1600i TBR/W with DNA Laser is a Rangefinder for any Angle or Approach


    Leupold has a fairly diverse assortment of rangefinders. From golf to archery to firearms use, they have everything covered for the weekend enthusiast across a gamut of hobbies. One of their newest rangefinders to enter that portfolio is the RX-1600i TBR/W with DNA Laser.

    The list of positive attributes about this new rangefinder is significant, to put it lightly. You, just like myself, likely have a respectable understanding of rangefinders, their general utility, and potential qualities. As to not butcher the tremendous amount of features engineered into the RX-1600i TBR/W with DNA Laser, here are the specifications as outlined by Leupold.

    • 6x Magnification Gives you Plenty of Power while Maintaining a Wide Field of View to Track Game on the Move
    • Advanced OLED Technology is User Adjustable to Match Display Intensity for Changing Light Conditions
    • The RX Series Rangefinders have a Built-In Inclinometer w/ TBR that can Calculate the Ballistic Range to your Target, then Display it as a Holdover Aim Point, an MOA Adjustment, a Milliradian Adjustment or the Equivalent Horizontal Distance
    • Powered by the Readily Available CR2 Lithium Camera Battery, the RX-Rangefinders w/ DNA feature a Convenient Battery Power Indicator


    • Includes Fast-Focus Eyepiece w/ Precision Clicks for Quick Adjustments in the Field
    • Our Next Generation Rangefinder Engine w/ DNA (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy) Delivers Increased Accuracy, Speed & Range
    • Fold-Down Rubber Eyecups can Accommodate Users w/ or w/o Glasses
    • A Fully Multicoated Lens System ensures a Bright, Pristine Image


    • High-Performance Optics deliver a 3x Brighter Picture Image for Accurate Ranging in Low-Light Conditions
    • Line-Of-Sight Distance (LOS) Accurately gives you the Straight Line Distance to the Target
    • Get the Settings you want Fast w/ the Quick Set Menu®. The One-Handed Controls make RX® Rangefinders easy to use in the Field even when your Hands are Sweaty or the Weather is at its Worst
    • Continuous Range Updates in Scan Mode keep you on Target as you Track Movement or Scan an Area


    • Offers 3 Different Reticles to choose from: Plus Point™, Duplex & Duplex w/ Plus Point
    • Select Models of Leupold’s Legendary RX Rangefinders now feature TRIG, a unique function that is included to support Engineers & Professionals. TRIG displays the True Horizontal Range (Cosine) & True Vertical Range (Sine) which is based upon Trigonometry & the Line-Of-Sight distance
    • Select RX Models let you Instantly & Accurately judge the Width and/or Height of a Target using the Trophy Scale feature. Once the Baseline Trophy Scale Value has been saved, the Trophy Scale Bracketing System will automatically Adjust to changing Distances to the Target. Trophy Scale™ lets you know if your Target measures up
    • True Ballistic Range® (TBR) Technology accounts for Incline, Range to Target & your Ballistics Information

    As you can see from the photos above, Leupold is offering the RX-1600i TBR/W with DNA Laser in a Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Mossy Oak Blaze Orange or Gray/Black Armor finish. The Gray/Black Armor finish retails for $519.99 while the two different camouflage options can be yours at an MSRP of $549.

    Some final words that may push a consumer off the fence to purchase this rangefinder are offered up by Leupold:

    The RX®-1600i TBR/W with DNA is a workhorse ready for any hunt. It delivers the farthest, most accurate ranging in its class — out to 1,600 yards — and uses our True Ballistic Range/Wind for greater first-shot success. It doesn’t matter if you’re carrying a rifle or a bow this season, you’ll want to carry an RX-1600i TBR/W, too.

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