Bundeswehr In Search of Optics for New Service Rifle

    The Bundeswehr is seeking a new rifle optic for its yet-to-be selected G36 replacement. The Federal Agency for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Federal Armed Forces (BAAINBw) posted a Request for Proposals (RFP) on the 17th March calling for the submission of proposals for reflex sights with 3x magnifiers.

    The Bundeswehr’s program to replace the G36 is well underway and a new optic is projected to be needed by the third quarter of 2020 for the “completion of the successful deployment test of the new assault rifles in conjunction with the reflex sight with magnification header”

    The (machine translated) specification calls for:

    Production and delivery of reflex sights (RV) with enlargement attachment for the new assault rifle of the Bundeswehr.
    1. Procurement items
    – Reflective sight with an associated enlarger attachment or reflex sight with magnification attachment as a combination device
    – Mounting material for the above mentioned products on STANAG 4694 rails,

    a) Features Reflex sighting device (RV) with magnification attachment (VV):
    – RV with VV must not use the ITAR or EAR – are subject to
    regulations, – use in areas where the air categories A1-3, B1-3, C0-3 and M1-3 according STANAG 4370 without loss of functionality (except for electrical components), – adjustability of the reflex sight with magnification attachment by the Operator in side and height,
    – maintenance-free,
    – all-weather capability,
    – lifetime of at least 15,000 rounds.
    b) Properties reflex sight:
    – 1-fold magnification 2 MOA red dot,
    – Mounting on STANAG 4694 rail must be ensured.
    c) Features magnification attachment:
    – at least 3x magnification,
    – use in conjunction with RV in a sight line,
    – mounting on STANAG 4694 rail must be ensured,
    – protection against laser radiation.

    The HK433 is reportedly one of two HK Bundeswehr rifle contenders, here it is seen fitted with an EOTech (HK)

    While the rifle that the new optics will be mounted on has not yet been selected, the sights must mount using NATO STANAG 4694 rails but the specification does not specify integrated or separate mounts. The optics must be maintenance free and withstand a lifespan of at least 15,000 rounds and be usable in a wide variety of climates. Just like the rifle, they will be mounted on, the optics cannot be subject to ITAR regulations.

    Interested parties must supply 7 free testing unit for evaluation and a further 16 for operational testing. Once the contract is awarded there will be a minimum order of 2,800 sights and magnifiers. A further 7,500 may be ordered. The BAAINBw has set the closing date to submit proposals on the 16th April 2018. 

     Read the RFP in full here
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