SUPPRESSOR SUNDAY: Online NFA Tax Stamp Filing (April Fools)

    Suppressor Sunday

    April Fools joke follows below…Good morning suppressed readers – welcome to the new Suppressor Sunday. I’ll start off today’s episode with a few explainations. First, after the DOZEN or more emails I received after yesterday’s post, I have heard you all loud and clear – “silencers” are not silent. As such, it’s time we start referring to them more appropriately as suppressors. I have sent a kindly worded email to the ATF’s NFA Division asking them to take action by removing the word silencer from all forms, regulations and online resources. I’ve also sent a letter to my two senators to support a change of all of the references to silencers in the criminal and regulatory codes. If we are going to get a law changed, it should be for something important, like the correct terminology that accurately reperesents a devices true capabilities. Maybe then, the less knowledgeable will understand that simple black pipes are not scary or evil. This is the moment we have been waiting for – So let it be written. So let it be done.

    Suppressor Sunday

    Moving on, In a very surprising move, H&R Block has added NFA applications to their most recent tax software update. The feature is currently only available in the Self Employed/Rental Property owners edition, but plans have been announced to expand the new feature across all versions of the company’s popular tax software. Very cool. The ATF’s Efile system has been offline for non-industry use for nearly three years and private industry has been carrying the torch ever since. I’m glad we have a new corporate partner in our corner.

    And lastly this week, we have a look at a few different types of hearing protection to be used as stand alone devices or in combination with your favorite suppressor. Foamies and mufflers.

    Shoot safely. See you next week for Suppressor Sunday.

    H&R Block Self Employed With NFA Option

    Our premium tax software was designed to help self–employed filers make smart and tactical tax decisions. When it comes to small business tax preparation you’ll need to do more than file 1040 forms. Whether you’re a freelancer, independent contractor, rental property owner or landlord, we’ll provide all the guidance and expert advice you need to file the one and only way that’s best for you and your business–the way that gets you every dollar you deserve. NEW for the 2017 filling season: apply and pay for your National Firearms Act (NFA) registration and transfer stamps online!

    Suppressor Sunday

    H&R Block Goes NFA Tax Payment and Efiling.

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