POTD: New Tactical Steel Target (April Fools)

    Today’s Photo of The Day is a fresh photo of the newly developed Tactical Steel Target., named “Balls of Steel”.

    The Hardox Steel has been formed with extremely high precision and tolerance in a water jet machine, to allow as many of the details to appear as realistic as possible.

    If you look closer at this target, you will notice the attention to detail.

    There isn’t an official Press Release yet, but TFB spoke to the owner Mr. Dick Pung, who commented:

    Precision shooters who start using our new target aren’t going to refer to a “Bull’s Eye” hit any longer, that’s for sure.

    (Picture courtesy of Pierre S-C, Practical Precision Shooters)

    There was also Thermal Version in the plans, but the Mr. Pung had some issues getting all parts of the target up to natural body temperature.

    The company is also working on a “Domina” version. Everything will be the same, except the target will be hanging upside down. This target is said to be available around November.