AFD BREAKING NEWS: PornHub Bans Gun Videos

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

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We will try to keep this article as free from politics as much as possible, but this topic is something that will be affecting the gun community in the future. YouTube continually is drawing lines in the sand and hurting the gun community. By removing gun channels, demonetizing them and hurting their search rankings it has killed many gun companies, channels and individuals who make a living from video content. A slow, but gradual migration has occurred as a result to PornHub, of all places.

For obvious reasons, many gun channels believed that on this platform they would not have their content censored. Well… it was fun while it lasted.

PornHub has banned gun videos.

In an extremely surprising statement by the owners of PornHub, which is the group dubbed MindGeek, they are distancing themselves from anything gun-related.

In recent weeks, we at MindGeek have experienced an unexpected increase in traffic on one of our sites; PornHub. This increase in traffic can be cited to the specific search queries of ‘guns’ and ‘firearms.’

As a privately-held company that operates and manages many businesses and organizations within the adult film industry, we believe it is in our best interest to protect and serve our standing client base.

The MindGeek group has labored tirelessly for many years to produce and erect a foundation of quality content for a specific group of customers. We do not believe this new segment of unique visitors is a part of that group we have pushed to acquire.

As a result, starting today, our media team will be removing all channels and video content related, but not limited to the terms ‘guns’ and ‘firearms.’

We would like to take this opportunity to apologize to any of our long standing customers who may have felt offended or bothered by the influx of recent content. The problem shall soon be rectified.

MindGeek is a privately-held company that owns a lot of photography websites. As you could probably guess, most of them are in the same line of work as PornHub. Some of the other websites MindGeek currently manages are RedTube and YouPorn as well as the film production companies of Brazzers, Reality Kings, and a few others.

At this time, MindGeek has not stated whether their public statement and current actions are something that will overflow into their other websites and brands. With PornHub being the most frequented site for exiled gun channels, it makes sense that they addressed PornHub first.

Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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