New Product: No Hassle Tactical Tassle

    “-Tactical Tassles have actually been around for a while as a company, we’ve spent years in R&D and we’re soon ready to start the first shipments.”  These exciting words are Tofs Dusk’s, owner of Tactical Tassles.

    I only heard about Tactical Tassels through a rumor about a year ago, but judging by the pictures the rumor was true and we can soon look forward to trying them out.

    Special Forces and Operators

    Together with the Norwegian NAVY Seals, they have developed a version which will work down to 100 meters (120 yards) below sea level. It also promised that it will work great in salt water, as well as in cold environments.

    Mr. Dusk continues: “Investigations have shown that firearms equipped with our Tactical Tassle have a 38% higher rate of being accepted by civilians in a hostile environment. It means that Covert Operators that have to “go loud” and show their concealed firearms will have more time before the enemy is alerted. This is solid evidence.”

    Tofs Dusk, owner of Tactical Tassels trying out the mono-Tassel on a competition rifle from JP Enterprises.

    Dusk is really enthusiastic about the new product, and continues describing how the Tactical Tassles actually work:

    “It’s really easy to use, all you do is to check which elevation you need to hit the target. With different presets for the most common distances, for instance, 50 – 100 and 300 yards the Tactical Tassle will tell you which inclination is needed for the bullet to hit your target. Once you know your vertical, all you need to do is to correct your horizontal movement and you’re ready to fire and hit the designated target.”

    From the Press Release:

    -Simply put, there are too many “Power Point Rangers” around these days. A rifle is made to fire bullets, but modern rifles just have too many attachments like red dots, lasers and Night Vision electronics.

    The rifle quickly becomes too advanced and too heavy to carry for the average soldier. Either they can’t understand to use the sights they’re given, or they’re too weak to carry everything.

    The Tactical Tassle is a true “back to basics” help and has the potential to replace all these new electronics, at a fraction of the cost we’re paying now. It’s extremely lightweight too, I heard no one complain. Taxpayers are going to love it, too.

    The first EVER EMP safe sight. EVEN “Tsar Bomba” resistant.

    -Let’s say the enemy blows an EMP. All your electronics are going to be dead, and your red dot is going to be an empty hole, dead. You’re not going to have a clue where to aim. If the EMP is strong enough, like from the Tsar Bomba, it might even effect your iron sights. This is where the Tactical Tassel will “shine”, as it still will be working as normal.

    They may look pretty basic, but the Tactical Tassles are made using T-Rex™ fibers developed together with the Norwegian Space Program. These fibers are completely non-conductive and anti-static. The fibers are Parakoted with Black Hole Black (but appear green when enhanced), in a time-consuming process.

    (C) Close up of T-Rex™ fibers, courtesy of The Norwegian Space Program

    We did try to cost-reduce the Tactical Tassles, we did trials in Afghanistan with Paracord, but the T-Rex fibers are superior.

    Special model for Heckler & Koch.

    For HK there’s really no compromise. We had a German Team of Engineers here for a couple of months, so upon request, we made a special version for the German Kampschwimmers. It’s ice water resistant out to 1,200 meters from the shore, but it’s going to be EU-TAR and restricted for export to the US.

    Competition Ready too

    William Fjelltroll, Team Captain of the Norwegian Rifle Team:

    -Sometimes development takes giant leap forward and this is what we’ve been waiting for. It really gives us the competitive advantage we’ve been looking for.

    We’re already using it in our training and for sure the Tassels will be a major factor for us in the upcoming European Rifle Championships hosted in Sweden 2018.

    The Norwegian team captain continues:

    With the Tac-Tassles it’s easy really. If the target is a bit further away from my zero I just aim a little higher. If it’s closer I just aim lower. The Tac-Tassle will tell me if I’m on the target or not. The system is faultless and completely analogue.

    There is a rumor that Maria Montazami, the most famous and appreciated Swedish Hollywood wife and famous for her addiction to tassles, has a part ownership in the company but this has not yet been confirmed.

    The Tactical Tassles are Made in Norway. Here shown with the T-Rex™ fibers from the Norwegian Space Program and the Angletron™ which is used to zero the Tactical Tassels.


    The Tactical Tassles will be available commercially by the summer, priced from 349 USD. This includes the Angletron™, and still a lot cheaper and much more durable than most red dots or holographic sights.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of market share the Tactical Tassles will take as they are released on the market, and how successful the solution will be at the European Rifle Championships later this year.

    No Hassle with Tactical Tassle – Logotype

    Eric B

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