Grow your own Gunpowder™ – might be Illegalized even before it’s introduced in the US

    During a raid in a warehouse in the small town of Strauch in The Netherlands, the Police found evidence of what they considered being the illegal manufacturing of ammunition.

    Further investigations lead to an area of Greenhouses, where a Dutch company was reloading ammunition and growing suspicious plants.

    According to information in the Dutch magazine “De Groene Amsterdammer” the European Parliament has been taken by storm by the news.

    The European Firearms Directive is a law of the European Union which sets the minimum standards regarding civilian firearms acquisition and possession that the EU Member States must implement into their national legal systems in 2018. The Member States are free to adopt more stringent rules, which leads to differences in the extent of citizens’ legal access to firearms within different EU countries.

    However, it seems the European Parliament completely missed the possibility of civilians growing Gunpowder at home or even in industrial scale.

    (C) GunGreen Ltd.


    In a Press Release the owner of “GunGreen Ltd.” Mr. William Eed expressed himself:

    We studied the new EU Firearms Directive, and came to the conclusion that hand-loading and reloading of ammunition will remain permitted.

    So we developed a way for individuals to continue with their hobby in a more cost-effective way and still remain legal and “green”.

    There is so much talk about lead-free bullets and how gun smoke pollutes the air, and this is our way to help. This is 100% natural

    The Press Release continued:

    People like to reload and make their own ammunition, now they can do so in a more green and environmentally friendly way.

    -“It’s only fair that if we’re allowed to cast our own bullets and reload our own ammunition, that it remains legal to plant and grow your own gunpowder.

    Below: During IWA in Germany, several companies had GunGreen seeds as free giveaways. For instance, as pictured below. If you plant the seeds in the spring they will be ready around August, depending on the weather and temperature (10-20 C is optimal).

    Each package will give you enough gunpowder for about 500 rounds of 308 Win (about 30% more with .223 Rem.).

    Below: If you follow the instructions on the backside of the package, you will see the beginning of your Gunpowder harvest within a few weeks. Then you have to wait patiently for about two months until it’s ready.

    The plants don’t grow very large and don’t require a lot of water or energy to grow, so they’re ideal for home users.

    With Brexit around the corner, it is uncertain how the seeds and plants of GunGreen will be treated legally in the U.K., but there’s more trouble for the company:

    “-We have tried to grow in the United Kingdom also, but found as it rains almost daily the quality of the Gunpowder was not good enough”, said William Eed of GunGreen.

    Eric B

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