Giesselle MP5 Trigger (April Fools)

    At Big 3 East, the guys at Giesselle quietly showed me something they are working on. It is a very early prototype and I was under NDA until today. They are working on making an trigger for H&K style roller locks. As you can see in the photo above and below it is a Giesselle MP5 trigger.

    photo of Geissele MP5 Trigger in an MP5

    I test fired it and while I did not have a trigger scale on me the trigger pull felt light. The guys at Giesselle said it at 4lbs 1oz. Not sure why there is an extra ounce of trigger pull but it has something to do with the springs and sear engagement.

    As of right now, they are not sure if they will offer this as a complete drop in like the Franklin Armory Binary trigger. If not then it will be a simple trigger and sear that you will need to swap into your existing trigger pack. See diagram below. It shouldn’t be too challenging. If you can install an AR-15 trigger I am confident an MP5 trigger would be similar.

    Photo taken from

    The test MP5 was just a Zenith pistol in semi-auto but I told them they would be fools to not make a full auto trigger set as well. They are considering it.

    Right now there is no real ETA on the MP5 trigger from Giesselle. It is still in development. They were just getting feelers and reactions to it. Odd since they rolled out the B&T APC9 trigger and I think that gun is more niche than an MP5. I have a feeling some of the projects and products that Geissele works on is driven by DOD demand/requests. Could there be a unit that is requesting MP5 triggers? There are a lot of MP5s out there in the world so anything is possible.

    I tried to press them for a price but they don’t have a number. I figure it won’t be cheap if they provide it as a drop-in package. Otherwise it could cost similarly to the B&T trigger. So possibly $350.

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