Brownells 'Clyde' and Amazon 'Alexa' Debate AR15 vs AK47 (April Fools)

by Pete

Earlier today, Brownells announced a new digital assistant that is capable of helping shooters with gear choices using a connection with their inventory systems via an internet link. Dubbed ‘Clyde’, the virtual assistant accepts voice commands and questions, analyze the needs of the owner and then provide logical feedback on what to order.

Hours after the launch, however, a new owner reportedly had compatibility issues with a previously installed ‘Alexa’ enabled device and the new Brownells system. Apparently ‘Clyde’ mistakenly overheard the homeowner order a replacement bottle of “Heinz 57” from ‘Alexa’ as “AK47”. Deviating from its programming, ‘Clyde’ called ‘Alexa’ “communist scum” and immediately ordered a case of AR15 Magpul PMags as retaliation.

Hey ’Alexa’ on the other hand, ordered 100 forward assist assemblies and told ‘Clyde’ to “get the sand out of his chamber”.

Unsure if the problem is isolated to the one unit or is indicative of a more systemic issue, Brownells is pushing out a firmware update to all new ‘Clyde’ owners.

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  • BattleshipGrey BattleshipGrey on Apr 01, 2018

    I'm surprised they didn't use one of those big shotgun shell shaped cleaning kits to more closely mimic the size of the competitor's offerings.

  • B-Sabre B-Sabre on Apr 02, 2018

    That first image looks like she's talking to a midget-sized Monolith (2001 reference).