Norwegian Freyr & Devik Suppressors

    Norwegian Freyr & Devik Suppressors (1)

    A Norwegian company called Freyr & Devik manufactures suppressors which have several interesting design features. Among these features are the two-piece construction, use of different materials in the same device and end cap shape.

    Norwegian Freyr & Devik Suppressors (2)

    Freyr & Devik uses different materials which have the most suitable properties for each portion of the suppressor. The idea behind it is to have a lightweight suppressor without sacrificing the reliability and strength. They use aircraft grade aluminum for the outer tube/housing and Grade 5 titanium to make the first chamber and threads portion. I’ll quote below the description of other advantages of the multi-material design:

    The silencers rear section is designed for maximum strength while the front part is designed for minimum weight. An example hereof is the encapsulation, which increases and decreases in both wall thickness and diameter according to pressure and heat load. This is also reflected in the internal structure and choice of materials for the various parts. This design is also essential to place the center of gravity behind the muzzle, which increases the handleability and reduces the experienced weight.

    Norwegian Freyr & Devik Suppressors (1)

    Another feature of Freyr & Devik suppressors is the shape of front/muzzle end. It has a concave design with an elevated (by 3mm) bullet exit portion. The company claims that such design allows directing forward the sound waves increasing the level of sound reduction at the shooter’s ear. The raised exit hole also allows avoiding entry of water into the can.

    Norwegian Freyr & Devik Suppressors (3)

    Note the concave front portion and elevated bullet exit

    As you can see, the Freyr & Devik suppressors have a slightly tapered shape. Here is how the manufacturer describes the benefits of such design:

    Our range of silencers are tailor made for hunting. They can be distinguished by the streamlined Freyr & Devik encapsulation that creates a natural affiliation with a classic rifle design. The design is also highly functional. It allows the suppressor to glide better through dense vegetation than a pure cylindrical shape. Meanwhile, the tapering shape with curved surfaces is a structure in which the strength is optimized. A key quality when it comes to constructing extremely light suppressors.

    Norwegian Freyr & Devik Suppressors (2)

    The model range of Freyr and Davik suppressors

    Right now Freyr & Devik has three suppressors listed on their website which differ mainly by lengths and calibers they are made for. Depending on the model, the weight of suppressors varies from 196 to 280 grams (roughly 7 to 10 oz).

    If you want to learn more about the Freyr & Devik suppressor, visit the company’s website.

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