Norse Hunter – New Hunting Rifles from Troy

    In some areas of the World, there are serious restrictions on what you are allowed to hunt with. There are restrictions on the action of the rifle, the barrel length, how the stocks are designed, magazine capacity when the rifle was designed and so on.

    Troy of USA have together with a dealer in Sweden (possibly other Nordic countries too) fine-tuned the pump-action Troy PAR, so that it fits ALL the legal requirements for hunting nationwide.

    The result is called “Troy Norse Hunter” and comes in two suitable calibers, .223 Remington and .308 Winchester.

    As you can note the stock is completely fixed, the barrel length is more than the limited 45 cm (17.7″), the magazine only carries a limited amount of rounds for hunting and the action is manual only.

    Actually, the .308 Win version would make a great hunting rifle for “Class 1 animals”, specially equipped with a sound suppressor.

    My own experience with the Troy .223 PAR is that it is a very accurate rifle. Even with hunting ammunition, I can shoot very small groups at long distances.

    In case you haven’t looked into a Troy PAR, both the upper and lower are very different for the normal AR15 sporting rifles, and the parts are not compatible.

    The Norse Hunter comes in two colors, black or mossy oak (Shadow Grass Blades Pattern).

    Prices are from 1 600 to 2 300 USD (incl. shipping to Sweden, local 25% VAT etc.)


    From the pdf:

    The premiere choice for discerning hunters and sportsmen worldwide, the innovative design of TROY’s Norse Hunter features a full TRX2-style hand guard with integrated pump action and ergonomic pump handle, affording supreme accuracy in a practically recoilless system. With an A2 Fixed Stock and Melonited Barrel, the TROY Norse Hunter ships with a 10 round TROY BattleMag or 5 round magazine and is available in .223 or .308 in Black or Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Pattern.


    Below: Both the 223 Rem is available in either Black or Mossy Oak. 



    Troy Norse Hunter Specifications

    Calibers .223 / .308
    Type Sporting Rifle / Pump Action
    Operating System Pump Action
    Magazine Capacity 10 Round BattleMag / 5 Round BattleMag
    Length 37.25” (94.62 cm) / 39.25” (99.25 cm)
    Barrel Length 18” (45.72 cm) Melonite Barrel
    Weight 6.4 lbs (2.91 kg) / 8.5 lbs (3.85 kg)
    Sight Radius 18” (45.72 cm)
    Safety TROY manual lever with indicator markings on both sides of the receiver
    Muzzle Device Medieval Flash Suppressor
    Rifling 1 turn in 7” right-hand twist (.223) / 1 turn in 10” right-hand twist (.308)
    Trigger Standard Mil-Spec
    Stock A2 Fixed Stock
    Forend TRX2 Style Handrail, Integrated Pump Action
    Pistol Grip TROY BattleAx Control Grip
    Magazine TROY 10rd BattleMag / 5rd Magazine
    Sights (Black) TROY Front Folding M4 BattleSight
    TROY Rear Folding BattleSight
    Sights (Mossy Oak) Optic Ready
    Lower Receiver Mil-Spec hard coat anodized
    Forged lower receiver, enhanced trigger guard
    Upper Receiver TROY PAR flat top forged upper receiver M4 feed ramps

    You can find the Troy pdf here.

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics, thermals and suppressors. TCCC Certified. Occasionaly seen in a 6×6 Bug Out Vehicle, always with a big smile.