POTD: A Tale Of Two H&K Briefcases

    Ok so it is not really a tale. Just sharing some photos of my MP5 Briefcase next to another MP5 Briefcase. My friend Alex B and I have H&K Briefcases. Well almost like mine. Let’s take a closer look because they are not the same.

    From the outside, the H&K briefcases are nearly identical. The triggered handle are the same. They both have the slotted screws and not the Phillips screws. The screws used is supposedly a sign that it is a real H&K briefcase.

    However once you have the briefcases side by side you can see the differences along the sides. The trim of the case along with the latches are different colors. Mine has chromed latches and a silver trim. While Alex’s H&K Briefcase is more subdued with a gun metal trim with matching painted latches.

    close up of the latches on the H&K briefcases

    Both cases are made by Hoffbauer in Planegg Germany. Interestingly the stamps are different though.

    The internals are also similar. Obviously I modified mine as I documented in my review article. But not you can see the two different trigger arms side by side.

    We went to a local range where I got a chance to dual wield H&K Briefcases. His has a full auto sear and mine is semi auto with a Binary trigger.