The Gun Shops of Kabul

    Although there is much to be said about Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police, counterfeits, and the illicit small arms trade in Afghanistan, in this video we are specifically looking at the legal shotgun sellers in Kabul. These shotguns are legal to purchase and own, essentially being unregulated. This is similar to other regions that have large shotgun sales such as Pakistan and Turkey but have very heavily regulated handgun and rifle sales.

    For the average Kabuli, the price of these shotguns alone are too much to justify on a middle-class wage. These are rather the domain of those with expendable income that can take them along on hunting trips in Afghanistan or even outside the country. There really isn’t a recreational shooting community in Kabul as would be recognized in the United States or Europe. No public ranges, no shooting clubs, no shooting sports are really in existance here. This puts the shotguns for sale as a sort of oddity within the Kabuli markets, surrounded by sewing machine shops.


    Turkish semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns

    Pakistani craft produced shotguns

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