Czech STRIKER SR-17 Semi-Automatic Pistol

    Czech STRIKER SR-17 Semi-Automatic Pistol (2)

    STRIKE s.r.o. is a firearms designing company located in Zlin, Czech Republic. The company has developed a semi-automatic hammer fired pistol which has several interesting design solutions. The pistol is called SR-17.

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    SR-17 is designed with the capability of relatively quickly changing the calibers. It has a separate bolt inserted into the slide. So by changing the bolt, the barrel and using a proper magazine, the user can convert the pistol to fire one of the following cartridges: 9x19mm Luger, 7.62x25mm Tokarev, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, 10mm Auto or .45 ACP.

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    The knurled knobs in the rear of the slide are decocking levers. There is also a loaded chamber indicator. The magazine release button and slide release lever are located on the left side of the pistol. SR-17 pistol also has interchangeable backstraps and a proprietary accessory rail.

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    The SR-17 pistol has a short barrel recoiling mechanism of operation with a tilting barrel. The lockup is accomplished through the ejection port. The disassembly lever is built into the front portion of the trigger guard. In order to disassemble the slide, the user needs to slightly pull the slide back then pivot the disassembly lever forward and remove the slide forward.

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    Note that there are no rear slide serrations. Probably the decocking knobs are supposed to the job of rear serrations.

    The pistol has three safeties. The firing pin block safety releases the firing pin only when the trigger is pulled. The grip safety is located on the backstrap and it blocks the hammer. There is also a magazine disconnect safety, which blocks the trigger if there is no magazine in the pistol. Apparently, there is no manual safety.

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    Note the front and rear rails on the frame and the flat wire recoil spring

    STRIKER has also released a short demo video of the SR-17 pistol.

    According to the company, the SR-17 pistol has a DA (double action) trigger mechanism. I assume they mean DA/SA, because we can clearly see in the video that the hammer remains cocked after each shot.

    The frame of the pistol is made of aluminum with hard coat anodized finish. The steel parts have Tenifer finish. In 9x19mm configuration the magazine capacity is 15 rounds. The pistol has an overall length of 210.5mm (8.3″) with a barrel length of 110.2mm (4.3″). The unloaded weight of the SR-17 pistol is 980 grams (34.5 oz).

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     UPDATE (2018, April 18). The company has released a video showing the features of this pistol.

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