POTD: Tactical RX Bullet Proof Glasses

    close up detail of TacticalRX bullet proof glasses

    Bret Hunter is the mad genius behind TacticalRX. He makes some very impressive eye protection. But not all eye protection are equal. His glasses are prescription. Prescription curved glasses typically only have the prescription in a certain spot but in Bret’s glasses the entire lens has the prescription. At Big 3 East he handed out some glasses for some torture testing. I had tested some of his glasses before by having the spall from 5.56×45 going directly into the lens.  This time I shot the glasses point blank with a suppressed .25acp pen gun. I can confirm that TacticalRX has bullet proof glasses

    Check out the video clip below. The first shot went straight through the lens while the second shot popped the lens out of the Tactical RX glasses. It does not seem that the bullet penetrated the lens and could be considered bullet proof glasses. While I would not want to test them on my face, it seems they can hold up to some significant abuse and protect your eyes.