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    Blaser has added a red dot sight to their line of optics. The new sight is called RD17. As in the case of other Blaser products, it is primarily dedicated to hunting use. Non-magnified red dot sights are especially useful in driven hunts. The red dot sight allows quick target acquisition, fast transitioning from target to target and makes it easier to do follow up shots.

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    The company specifically points out the slender profile of the sight which provides minimal obstruction of the field of view allowing your peripheral vision to have a better control of the situation in the field.

    The RD17 red dot sight comes with a Blaser Saddle Mount scope mounting system.

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    Blaser RD17 red dot sight has a 2 MOA dot with 10 (8 day and 2 night) illumination settings. The adjustments are done via the two buttons on top of the sight. RD17 also features Blaser Intelligent Illumination Control (IIC) system. The IIC system automatically switches the dot to a power saving mode if the sight hasn’t been moved for more than three minutes. As soon as the sight is moved, the system instantly returns the dot intensity to the pre-adjusted level. This feature provides 50,000 hours of battery life.

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    The RD17 sight also features coated lenses and comes with flip-open caps. Both the windage and elevation are adjustable within a 40 MOA range. The adjustment turrets have protective caps which also double as adjustment tools. Each click of the turret moves the dot by half MOA.

    This sight is powered by a single CR 2032 battery with the battery compartment located on the right side. This red dot sight also features unlimited eye relief and it is parallax free. The diameter of the objective lens is 20mm. The sight with the mount weighs 145 grams (5.1 oz).

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    Blaser will start the delivery of RD17 red dot sight in August 2018.

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