Glock Magazine Lowers for the B&T APC9-G & GHM9-G

    Just like Pete at TFB announced about two weeks ago the Glock Lowers are coming from the highly innovative team at B&T Switzerland.

    Both the APC9 and the GHM9 models will be compatible with these Glock lowers, and the firearm will have an ending of “-G” to them to distinguish them from the normal B&T lowers.

    To the best of my knowledge, the upper is the vital part on these firearms (in the USA) so it should mean that the lower is free.

    The new Glock lower is available as a lower only purchase, to upgrade your current firearm if you like.


    B&T APC9-G above and B&T GHM9-G below.

    It is not mentioned in B&T’s press release, but as you can see the lower also have an AR-15 style pistol grip (confirmed as a Magpul grip).

    As we have confirmed before, it is also possible to retrofit an AR-15 trigger to the APC9. Check the article here.

    B&T APC9-G above and B&T GHM9-G below.

    Press Release from B&T Switzerland

    As many Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide carry a 9 x 19 mm Glock pistol as a sidearm, it would give any user a significant tactical advantage, if those magazines could also be used in submachine guns / Police Carbines. B&T now offers the perfect up to date solution for these demands.

    B&T APC9-G


    Normally Police Carbines/Submachine Guns and Police Pistols have different magazines even if these both use the same 9 x 19 mm cartridge. In many situations, especially in Active Shooter / Terror scenarios, this can be a big tactical disadvantage. If a Police officer would be able to use all ammunition he carries in both of his weapons (pistol and SMG), as both weapons use the same magazine, he would gain a significant advantage.

    That is why B&T has developed two new Police Carbines, the APC9-G and the GHM9-G, which both are using standard double column Glock magazines. As the name indicates, these two new Police weapons are based on the established APC9 and the GHM9 carbines.

    B&T is using the proven uppers of these guns and adds specially developed new lowers which accommodates a double column Glock magazines. Thus will make any magazine, plus aftermarket magazines, from the 10 round Glock 26, to the Glock 17 and 19 magazines and up to 32 round magazines usable.

    The new lower is available as a lower only in order to upgrade existing APC9 or GHM9 weapons and of course as a complete weapon with APC9 or GHM9 upper. The customer can choose the right system according to his needs. All systems offer completely ambidextrous controls (safety, bolt catch/release, magazine release and reversible charging handle).

    One of the paramount points while constructing the “–G” systems, which will be available from late 2018, was to maintain the highest possible safety standard. Therefore the
    weapon won’t accidentally double fire like many 9 mm M4 systems while recharging and the safety can be engaged when the hammer is down.


    There are lots and lots of pictures with this press release, enjoy below.

    This is the APC9-G

    Note that the safety seems new.

    The bolt catch release and some other controls seem to have been updated as well to accomodate the Glock magazines.   




    and below the GHM9-G. from all possible angles.




    There is no pricing mentioned at the moment, but the Glock lowers should be available towards the end of 2018.

    It would be interesting to know if the current B&T lower (with B&T magazines only) has been a deal breaker for you? Will the new Glock lowers help, or is something else stopping you?

    Eric B

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