[Big 3 East] Geissele Rem Super 700 and B&T APC9 Trigger

    Geissele has been a regular at Big 3 East for a few years now. Last year they had showed off their flat wire spring and GMO seed based lubricant. Geissele did show off their Remington Super 700 trigger at SHOT Show but we got a closer look. Geissele also brought out their B&T APC9 trigger.

    In Nathaniel F.’s article the Geissele Rem Super 700 trigger is:

    The Geissele R700 trigger is three-way adjustable for pull, overtravel, and number of stages. As configured in the two stage mode at Industry Day at the Range, the R700 trigger is virtually identical to the Geissele SSA-E AR-15 trigger. In single stage mode, it is most similar to Geissele’s SSP single-stage version of the SSA-E, revealed at last year’s SHOT Show.

    According to Kevin of Geissele, they will offer the Super 700 as two different SKUs. They will come from factory preset as single stage or two stage. This is to make it easier for the end user and eliminates screwing around with the trigger. The single stage and two stage Super 700 Triggers are the same. You can adjust them yourself and configure them either way.

    According to Kevin, you need to remove the bolt and adjust these small set screws to adjust the trigger.

    Kristin from Stern Defense got on the Geissele Remington 700 for the Big 3 East finale. She had never shot a Geissele trigger let alone a Remington 700 before this. She got first round hit on the 50 lbs box of binary explosive from USA Chemical Supply.

    I tried the Super 7 two stage trigger and found it to be very similar to my preferred Geissele Trigger, the SDE trigger.

    The new hotness from Geissele is the B&T APC9 trigger. They realize the APC9 is very popular in Europe. So what does that mean for us? They will be made in limited runs. I believe these might work in the GHM9 but Geissele has not tried. Perhaps James Reeves can get one and try it in his GHM9.

    close up of the APC9 trigger


    Shooting the APC9 with the Geissele trigger was nearly effortless.


    The Geissele APC9 trigger is based on their Super 3Gun Trigger as the B&T trigger shares similar design and parts commonality with AR triggers. The APC9 trigger will be available in limited production runs for $320. While the Remington Super 700 trigger will retail for $250.

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