Droptec Dropster Anti-Drone Compact Net Gun

    A Swiss company called Droptec manufactures a net gun designed to be used against small UAVs. It is a fairly compact weapon and is similar in appearance to a suppressed pistol. As you will see in the video embedded below it is designed to be shot like a handgun, too. This counter UAV weapon is called Dropster.

    In order to prepare the Dropster for shooting, you need to screw the can-shaped net cartridge onto the muzzle of the launcher, break open the single shot action, load a 7.62x51mm blank cartridge, close the action and cock the hammer. The net cartridge contains a durable net of 2×2 meter dimensions. You can find below the specs of the net quoted from the company’s website:

    Net specifications:

    • Material: high-strength Polyethylene (HMPE)

    • Extremely tear resistant, 40% stronger than Aramid

    • 0% water absorbency

    • Tensile strength values from 3000 up to 4000 N/mm²

    Once shot from the launcher, the net quickly deploys to its full dimensions. By hitting the UAV, it immobilizes the rotors of the drone and drops it down. The company guarantees their product to operate flawlessly to up to 30-meter distance. The Dropster is also advertised to perform well in cold environments and other harsh weather conditions.

    Droptec Dropster Anti-Drone Net Gun (1)

    This net launching system is designed primarily for the law enforcement market. According to Droptec, the Dropster system has been in use with various police units in Switzerland and some other countries. The company states that this net gun is especially useful for defending objects like penitentiaries, military facilities, airports, embassies as well as personal properties and various events such as conferences.

    Droptec Dropster Anti-Drone Net Gun (2)

    The launcher of Dropster anti-drone system

    Droptec Dropster comes in a waterproof and shockproof hard case. The launcher itself comes equipped with a Meopta Meosight III red dot sight. The customers will also find in the package 5 net cartridges, 5 blank 7.62x51mm cartridges, a cleaning kit as well as eye and ear protection.

     Droptec Dropster Anti-Drone Net Gun (1)

    The company also offers training services to their customers. The price of the Dropster system is reportedly €4,000 to €5,000 (roughly $5,000-$6,000).

    Images from www.droptec.ch

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