[Big 3 East] Maxim Defense HK416

    Maxim Defense has made their name known for their PDW stock and SB tactical collaboration PDW brace. At last Big 3 East they had some HK416 rifles with their PDW Stock. I did not think much about it at the time but now that Brownells is importing HK416 parts my attention has been tuned to HK416 related items. The Maxim Defense HK416 rifles are sporting some upgrades. Interestingly these upgrades are independent of the Brownells story.

    Maxim has come out with an HK416 MLOK handguard. They will be available in 7.25, 9.25, and 12.65 inch lengths. They will retail for $400 and be available by NRA Show.

    For the longer length handguards they have two versions. The one below has a longer “scoop”. This was developed based on user feedback on the HK416. According to Michael of Maxim Defense, shooters are adopting the extended thumb over bore grip style. “They are reaching further out and over the barrel.” So the extended scoop is designed to help protect the shooter’s hand in conjunction with this grip style.

    close up of the handguard on the Maxim Defense HK416

    One issue with the long scoop handguard is for QD suppressors so they make this version below for compatibility with suppressors like the Surefire Socom.

    The large hexagonal design allows for a natural thumb rest and their first design placed the QD sling point at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions.

    Maxim is working with an overseas client to make caliber conversion kits and replacement parts for the HK416. From an independent source I learned that H&K does not really service or support HK416 and HK417 in other countries. So Maxim’s parts could be vital for overseas clients.

    Maxim also showed off their prototype QD mlok rail. It will be made to fit 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 MLOK slots. The QD rail works like a typical MLOK rail but the T-nut is under spring tension. So you push the screw in and twist. The spring pushes the T-nut against the handguard and you tighten the screw.

    Maxim Defense is also expanding into the simulation market. They are currently working with VFC to develop an airsoft version of their Maxim Defense HK416. VFC is the company responsible for the licensed airsoft HK416 by Umarex. The Maxim Defense HK416 version will be interesting as it will have their PDW stock and that creates a set of challenges for the electric versions.

    If airsoft does not interest you, Maxim will be making their own HK416 profile lowers as well. So now you will have another option for an HK416 lower beyond the Brownells version. No release date just yet on those lowers but given they will be making conversion kits, it should be relatively easy to build your own HK416 very soon. All you will need to get is a bolt carrier group. But I suspect Maxim may have a solution for that as well.

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