[Big 3 East] Spike’s New .416 Spike – a .308 version of .300blk

    Thanks to Shawn and Brian of 2AGuysandGear. I almost missed this at Big 3 East but Shawn mentioned it and showed me a photo. So on the last day I caught up with Spike’s Tactical. They brought out a new caliber to show us. It is called the .416 Spike. It is basically a .308 version of .300 blk. I had actually pondered this a while back and at the time there wasn’t a larger version of a .300blk. Well now there is.

    Shawn shooting a Spike's AR-10 chambered in .416 Spike

    Spike’s only had a handful of these hand loaded rounds. So I was unable to shoot it but Shawn did. Listen to the difference in the first and second shots. There is first round pop but listen to the second shot.



    According to Spike’s Tactical, they had two versions of the .416 Spike. They had 420 and 440 gr projectiles. These were just handloads and brought as a proof of concept. The .416 Spike has a muzzle velocity at around 1050 fps. They attempted to make super sonic versions but had some odd ballistic characteristics and decided it was not really the purpose of this round so they gave up.

    Something else new from Spike’s is their sponsorship of Big 3 East training center. They will be providing a number of rifles that have been custom cerakoted and equipped with Saavy Sniper slings. These rifles will be used as loaners for those who want to attend training classes.

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