Dangerous Armor Testing Conducted by UARM of Ukraine (DO NOT Try This at Home)

    UARM Ukrainian Armor Testing (DON'T Try This at Home) (4)

    A Ukrainian company called UARM is specialized in body armor manufacturing. They have recently published quite a controversial video where they demonstrate the performance of their armor in the most unsafe manner one can imagine. The director of the company wears a plate carrier with one of their armor plates inside it and another employee shoots him with an AK-47.

    Fortunately, the plate performed as it was supposed to and stopped the bullet. Judging by the appearance of the used weapon (curve of the magazine etc.) it was probably chambered in 7.62x39mm. The text on the back side of the armor plate says that it is rated to stop 7.62x51mm NATO with an M80 FMJ bullet, 5.45x39mm with a 7N6 bullet and a 7.62x39mm loaded with a 57-N-231 projectile.

    UARM Ukrainian Armor Testing (DON'T Try This at Home) (2)

    Here is another video of the same test from a different camera angle.

    The armor used in the video is most likely one of the UARM Level III ceramic plates shown in the image below. You can learn more about that plate by clicking here.

    UARM Ukrainian Armor Testing (DON'T Try This at Home) (3)


    I understand that by conducting this test they want to show how confident they are in the performance of their products. But from the standpoint of firearms safety, this is completely irresponsible, to say the least.  There are many things that can go wrong. What if the shooter missed the plate for whatever reason – slipped foot, hang fire, malfunction etc? The chances of a failure are not high granted that the shooter knows his gun and how to shoot it, but then again there is Murphy’s law. What do you think about this test? Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

    DO NOT try to replicate the test discussed in this article and shown in the embedded videos. It is unsafe and can be fatally dangerous.  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME !!!

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