[IWA 2018] Limited Edition Fusion Black Beretta 92

    At the Beretta booth in IWA, most of the items on display were similar to what I saw at SHOT Show. Save for these handguns under glass. This first one caught my eye because of the fancy case and carbon fiber accents. I’m somewhat of a car guy and carbon fiber always makes things look cooler so why not on a Beretta 92? This is the limited edition 92 Fusion Black.

    Fusion Black Goes With Everything

    The 92 FS Fusion was a limited edition Beretta Elite 92. It had hand-decorated walnut inserts in the frame and carbon fiber grips giving it an allure of luxury. The Black Fusion has similar features but Beretta went with all carbon fiber with ebony wood inserts in the carbon fiber grip panels.

    An exclusive series: the project consists of 120 pistols, 80 in 9×19 and the remaining 40 in 9×21. Every pistol is numbered progressively and offers a truly exclusive detail: the pistol number coincides with its dedicated serialization.

    A sturdy and elegant frame: the Fusion Black frame is made of steel, with a custom design in the barrel area to allow the positioning of a carbon fibre insert. Exquisite grips: the grips’ central frame is made of real carbon fibre and features an ebony wood insert, deliberately uncheckered to emphasize its fine grain.
    At the centre of the ebony inserts lays a hand polished blued steel shield with the traditional Pietro Beretta“PB” logo hand engraved with the hammer and chisel technique. The screws that keep the grips in place were especially designed for this model and come with a special tool.
    Refined details and dedicated checkering: every sharp edge, pin and screw, as well as the barrel have been mirror polished by hand, to create a contrast with the matte details. The breech bolt, the bolt release button and the trigger guard are also mirror polished, yet they are made unique by exclusive geometrical checkering.
    Fusion Black beretta nestled in its case.
    The screws are proprietary to the Fusion series that the gun comes with a special tool to remove them and of course it is wrapped in carbon fiber too.
    Here is a translation of the plaque above.
    Dear Customer, Congratulations on your purchase of this special pistol. this limited edition of 40 pieces celebrates in a unique way a milestone in our history. a perfect harmony of traditional and innovative materials
    This one is chambered in 9×21 for Italian customers.

    The case is also carbon fiber. Here are some photos from Beretta’s website.
    According to Erik Stern of Beretta, the 92 Fusion Black costs $11,500 USD. Just put that on my American Express Centurion Black card. (I don’t have one of those nor do I have $13k to spend on this)

    What Else You Got?

    How about a gold plated PX4 Storm? This is much more affordable at $1825


    Here is the regular 92 FS Fusion which costs $11,400.

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