[IWA 2018] Czech Small Arms vz. 15 Polymer Handgun

    We know of Czech Small Arms (CSA) from their vz.61 Scorpion and their vz. 58 rifle. They debuted the vz. 15 last year but this time I got a chance to see it in person and take a closer look at it.

    vz. 15

    The vz. 15 is a polymer framed striker fired handgun with a low bore axis somewhat like a CZ 75. Although it has the traditional slide over rails design compared to the CZ75 with rails over the slide.

    The serrations are adequate and the indentations in front of the rear sight help for those who slingshot their slides.

    As you can see in the photos below, the vz. 15 has ambidextrous slide stop and magazine release.

    The grip of the vz. 15 is one of the slimmest polymer grips I have felt in my hands. The side of the frame has textured reference points for your support thumb and they are on both sides of the frame.

    close up of vz. 15 grip

    Looking Good So Far, Just Don’t Look Down

    The vz. 15 looks great until you look down at the top of the slide. It is SOOOO wide it looks like you could land small aircraft on it.

    The smooth finish on the top of the slide seems like it is missing something. It is too barren and needs to be jazzed up with some cuts or something else to break up the landing strip of a slide.

    I do not know what is going on underneath but with that amount of real estate on top, they could mount almost any optic they wanted to the vz. 15. I am not sure why the extractor is at the top of the slide as that will impede the mounting of some optics. But looking forward of the ejection port, there is so much room they could mount an Aimpoint micro on there just like that KE Arms competition Glock with the Aimpoint mounted behind the front sight.

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