[IWA 2018] Norinco Handguns And A Chinese M4 Style Shotgun

    I was hoping that I would get to see some Chinese made guns at IWA.  We do not get to see Chinese made guns in the US apart from some shotguns that are imported like the Catamount Fury and the saiga style shotguns imported recently by SDS Imports. China South Industries Corp did not disappoint. They had a small selection of Norinco handguns among some airsoft and shotguns also made in China.

    Norinco Handguns

    First up is the Norinco NZ85B which is a clone of a CZ85. However, this version has been updated with an accessory rail for attaching weapon lights or lasers.

    Chinese handgun NZ85B

    Next up is the CF98-9 which is supposedly the currently issued handgun for the People’s Liberation Army in China.

    Norinco handguns close up of PLA issued handgun

    Here is a video of Larry Vickers shooting one.


    This next gun surprised me a lot. It is a double stack .45acp. I think it is a para ordnance style frame given the shape and design. Unfortunately, there was no information about this handgun and the slide had no engraved markings. Norinco does make a double stack 1911 but they do not have railed dust covers.

    The controls are enlarged but are not ambidextrous.

    This Norinco NZ85F looks like a clone of the CZ Shadow 2. But it is chambered in 7.62x25mm!


    And here is the Norinco M1911A1.


    Besides Norinco handguns, China South Industries had some interesting M4 styled shotguns.

    Sure there have been AR styled shotguns in the past but this one is different. The details to mimic an M4/AR-15 is simply amazing.  Look how large the dust cover is!

    It has a forward assist but I did not check to see if it was functional. The charging handle does work and the gun has last round bolt hold open.

    They do offer more modernized AR styled shotguns as AK style shotguns.

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