Federal Power-Shok Copper Throws .300 Blackout into the Mix


    Federal Premium has always reserved their Power-Shok line of ammunition as an affordable entry point for hunters and target shooters. With numerous calibers to pick from in both new and old cartridges, it satisfies a need for a diverse range of hunters and weekend range warriors.

    More recently, they upped the ante on this category of rifle ammunition back in August 2016 by removing all lead from the bullets and introducing Power-Shok Copper. For some states that do not allow for hunting with any projectiles that contain lead, Federal yet again provided an economical answer.


    Federal Premium Power-Shok Copper .300 Blackout 120 Grain

    Now, to further appeal to the requests of modern shooters, they have Power-Shok Copper ammunition in .300 Blackout. This will be a 120 Grain load that retails for $26.95 for a box of 20 rounds. Federal Premium had this to say about this lead-free line of ammunition as a whole:

    Federal Power-Shok Copper provides the same freezer-filling consistency of original Power-Shok with a non-lead bullet. The accurate, hollow-point copper projectile creates large wound channels, and the Catalyst lead-free primer provides the most efficient and reliable ignition possible.

    A quick rundown of specifications for this new load-out of .300 Blackout, which is similar to all of the ammunition produced in the Power-Shok Copper line, can be read below.

    • Lead-Free Copper Bullet Construction
    • Hollow-Point Design Expands Consistently
    • Accurate, Reliable Performance
    • Large Wound Channels & Efficient Energy Transfer to the Target
    • Federal Brass
    • Catalyst Lead-Free Primer provides the Most Efficient Ignition

    At the moment, there are only 7 calibers being offered through this series of ammunition. It is likely that as we approach another fall hunting season (which seems extremely far away right now) that more and more common calibers will be added into this line-up.

    For now, .300 Blackout lovers have one more flavor of ammo to choose from. The official product spec sheet can be read below for those interested in stocking up.


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