[IWA 2018] CZ Shadow 2 Optics Ready And .22LR Kadet Conversion

    At IWA, CZ showed off their newest version of the CZ Shadow 2. They are following the trend and milling the slide to mount an optic. This is most likely due to the surging popularity of the carry optics divisions in IPSC and of course USPSA.

    CZ Shadow 2 Optic Ready

    If you look at the photo below you will notice some subtle differences besides the fact a Trijicon RMR is sitting on top of the slide.  Typically the CZ Shadow 2 slide has angled cuts with slide serrations. However, the angled cuts make the slide too narrow for an optic. So the opted to not cut the rear section of the slide. The CZ Shadow 2 Optic Ready also does not have a rear back-up sight. I assume the cover plate has the rear sight attached to it.

    Along with the CZ Shadow 2 Optic Ready, they are giving their CZ P-10 the same optic treatment. Although the P-10 retains it’s back up sights and they have been raised to co-witness with the optic.

    Also new for this year is an expansion of the CZ Kadet line of .22lr conversion kits. Practicing with high round counts is expensive and dry fire can only do so much. This is the beauty of the .22LR conversion kits. Your gun is almost the same. At least in terms of trigger pull and weight, the gun will be familiar to you. CZ already has a Kadet conversion for their CZ75 and now they are making Kadet adapters for the CZ Shadow 2, P-09 and P-07. The magazines hold 10 rounds and they are offering the P-09 and P-07 as full guns. You can buy the conversion kits of course which is a new slide assembly and magazine.

    No word on pricing for the Kadet adapters but the Optics Ready CZ Shadow 2 will be 32,000 CZK or about $1550 USD. The optics ready P-10 will be around 19,790 CZK or about $962 USD.

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