Anti-Materiel Rifle from Iraqi Government Small Arms Industry Unveiled

    The Technical Directorate for Military Production (TDMP) is a defense armaments manufacturing arm set up within the Popular Mobilization Forces (الحشد الشعبي‎) that were established in Iraq during 2014 to combat the growing threat of the so-called Islamic State. TDMP has a website that is somewhat functional in Arabic, and an English version that still needs some work. The state-sponsored company is mostly committed to manufacturing multi-barrel rocket launchers, 81mm mortar shells, and UAVs of different configurations.

    However at this year’s International Defense Exhibition in Iraq (IDEX 2018), TDMP appeared to have released an indigenously produced anti-materiel rifle. How much of it is actually made in Iraq versus cobbling together imported parts, we can’t know (or if it is simply being sold to Iraq and then sold through TDMP). But it does appear to be a unique rifle that so far as only appeared in the country.

    Unfortunately, every photograph that seems to have been taken during the show is only from the left side of the rifle. From what we’ve seen, it appears to be a detachable magazine fed bolt action rifle chambered in a caliber upwards of 12.7mm. This could be either .50 BMG, 12.7x108mm, or even 14.5mm as we’ve seen craft produced and semi-production ready anti-materiel rifles from Iraq (and with the Kurds). However, it is most likely one of the Soviet cartridges due to the proliferation of their use in the region.

    In this picture we get a good view of the muzzle device, which is uncannily similar to the Palestinian Ghoul anti-materiel rifle by how large it is. Notice from this vantage point what appears to be an extremely unsteady bipod design.

    Note the “Halfway” fluted barrel and fluted bolt as the presenter is seen racking it to the rear.

    This image has a good close up of the Picatinny rail on which a powered optic is mounted. The scope itself appears quite similar to something out of a Barska catalog, like the 6-24x50mm tube they have listed here. Note the folding stock that folds to the left. The buttstock has a recoil pad and a cheekpiece. The stock has cutouts, apparently to save weight. It also appears to be screwed together at the handguard and in the rear of the stock (probably not the best approach to heavy recoiling round). If you can make out the magazine that blends in with the photograph, it looks like a single stack detachable magazine with a catch at the rear just in front of the trigger guard. Capacity is probably between 5-10 rounds.


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