MARCH GATNESS: The Tournament to Decide the Greatest Auto Pistol of All Time [POLL]


    The month of March has become – quasi-officially – tournament season, thanks in no small part to the NCAA basketball tournament. Everyone loves a little bracket-based competition, and presumably, everyone here loves guns, so the conclusion was inevitable. TFB had to launch an official gun tournament.

    INRODUCING: March Gatness.

    TFB editorial staff and our hardcore fan base of Patreon supporters at threw together nominations for a staggering amount of classic and modern firearms to compete for the title of the Best Auto Pistol, Best Shotgun, Best Rifle, and Best Revolver. The winners will be immortalized in a TFBTV video this summer for each category. Every gun in this tournament is arguably worthy of the title, but we want to know what YOU, readers and viewers, believe to be the best ever made.

    Who will rise to the top and claim the cup? That’s up to you, TFB readers and TFBTV viewers.

    Patreon supporters will have the opportunity to make a fantasy bracket for the rifle tournament (the most stacked of all of the divisions), and the patron with the bracket that most closely tracks the final results will be awarded a substantial gun swag prize package which includes a $50 Ventura Munitions gift certificate. 

    And, if a Tier 1 Patron (6 months of patron support OR at least 1 month of $10+ support) gets every round of the Rifle Division exactly right, he or she (lol) will get a BRAND NEW RUGER SECURITY-9 PISTOL. (Where legal.)

    The tournament starts on 3/19 with the auto-pistol division. Voting closes every week for each round, so be sure to check back weekly to vote for each subsequent round.

    Round 1: 3/19 – 3/26
    Round 2: 3/26 – 4/2
    Round 3 (Semifinals): 4/2 – 4/9
    Championship Round: 4/9-4/16

    VOTE HERE: Automatic Pistol Tournament

    Good luck to the competitors (and their respective fanboys).

    Rifle, Shotgun, and Revolver divisions will be up and active in the next few days. We will post on TFB as each poll goes live. In the meantime, head to to vote!

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