New Steiner M7Xi IFS 4-28×56 – Intelligent Firing Solution

    The German exhibitions EnforceTac 2018 and IWA 2018 had loads to see this year.

    I personally think both were much better than last year, and that’s from someone who’s just been to SHOT Show and seen “everything”.

    Lights, lasers & sights continue to improve, and there were several news this year that seem to have taken a step or two forward.

    No, this picture has nothing to do with Steiner. But it’s cool anyway.


    One of those things that made the my top list is the new Steiner M7Xi IFS 4-28×56. It may sound strange that a rifle scope makes the list, but read on and see if you concur.

    The Steiner M7Xi is a long range / sniper rifle scope which has entered the digital world.

    Its optical power is 4-28×56, with a large field of view.

    For instance, it has:

    – Ballistic calculator (determines bullet point of impact in real time)
    – Sensor suite (temperature, air pressure, inclination, wind drift)
    – Display with user interface (customization by smartphone app)

    The weight is said to be 1,150 grams (~1,2 kg, roughly 2.5 pounds). Not too bad.

    It’s not exactly a toy Steiner has built, but you could probably give it to one and let them use it as a hammer for a while. The M7Xi will withstand up to 900 Gs or force and is waterproof down to 20m (66 feet). If you like cold it will follow you down to -46°C. If you like warm, up to +64°C is OK.

    I had a look through the scope, and the on-screen display is very nice to look at and doesn’t feel it’s in the way. Of course, there’s only so much you can evaluate in an exhibition, where the longest distance – if you’re lucky – is 100-150 yards up into a roof.

    The housing may look large, but it blended in much better than these pictures show.

    From Steiner:

    Steiner sets the new standard for sniper riflescopes by entering the digital world. Based on the outstanding success of the M5Xi – used today by Special Forces around the globe – Steiner sets a new benchmark with the ultimate long-range riflescope M7Xi IFS 4-28×56 with a 7x zoom and an impressive field of view (1.42-9 m at 100 m).

    The Intelligent Firing Solution with integrated customizable display always provides all the important information in real time to the operator. The built in Ballistic Calculator and Sensor Suite determines the bullet point of impact in real time (temperature, air pressure, inclination, wind drift). Just turn the turrets until the distance and wind correction in the display matches the information provided by the spotter and you will be on target.

    The display provides information about leveling and the current turret setting. Display and user interface can be customized to user needs. Every information can be moved freely or can be deactivated if needed via smartphone app (Bluetooth connection).

    The new M7Xi IFS 4-28×56 has been designed to resist the toughest conditions, it is of course covered by the Steiner 10 years warranty for optical parts and 2 years for electronics.


    Quoted from Steiner’s Homepage.

    Steiner 4-28 IFS – ballistic military scope – Product Features:

    The built in display

    provides information about leveling, the current turret settings, target distance and bullet in use.

    Display and user interface can be customized to user needs. Every information can be moved freely or can be deactivated if needed via smartphone app (Bluetooth connection).

    Ballistic Calculator and Sensor Suite

    determine the bullet point of impact in real time based on spotter information.

    Short overall length

    of the scope creates more rail space for clip-on devices (e.g. thermal imaging or night vision devices) for superior operational capabilities in any combat situation.

    Low profile turrets

    provide outstanding situational awareness and additional mounting options for add-ons and accessories.

    Enhanced legendary Steiner ruggedness

    The new Steiner M7Xi IFS inherited and enhanced the legendary Steiner ruggedness. The M7Xi IFS is waterproof up to 20 m (66Feet) and the operating temperature range is -40°C to +64°C. It can withstand up to 900Gs.

    Precise Windage/Elevation Adjustment

    is easy and immediate for repeated accuracy, with tactile click-by-click feedback you can hear and feel and second rotation indicator.

    One-Piece 34mm Tube

    Increases strength and reliability and provides greater elevation and windage adjustments for longer ranges.

    Variety of reticles

    The new M7XI is available with MSR, MSR2, G2B, TReMoR3 reticle


    You can read more about the MSR2 reticle in our detailed article.

    Finnaccuracy did a quick review of it, and we have kindly got permission to quote below:

    Steiner 4-28 IFS – ballistic military scope with no compromises

    Steiner latest contribution for military-type long-range shooting was unveiled few days ago in EnforceTac / IWA exhibition. We are very delighted to see development finally came into finalized product – and was probably a big surprise for almost all.

    We are also happy to ensure that this is not only a concept or technology presentation made for just for show. Or product without true intention or capability to deliver. We have been behind scenes in long development phase already- and assure that this is real deal. We also recommend anyone who is planning to buy integrated ballistic scope in near future to try it, before making any decisions.

    As far as we know, Steiner IFS is only integrated computer with feedback from both turrets, a feature which makes surprisingly big difference when using scope. It is also only riflescope with transparent matrix screen, a screen that is also very large covering almost half of entire FOV. IFS offers, quite exceptionally, true computing of whole trajectory based on all input variables- and it does it again in a split-second if any of variables change. This requires both very sophisticated software and CPU power.

    All elements on integrated display are customizable. Objects can be moved, activated or de-activated to fit any user need best. FOV offers wide artificial horizon, showing tilt to user at all times based on very sensitive 3-axis sensor measurement. It can also communicate with external devices wirelessly. It will be very interesting to see what else brilliant people in Steiner will come up with. We may have some idea about it, but we won’t tell.


    Obvious question is that “what this can do better than existing similar products?

    Beside ballistic engine and pure CPU crunching, this is a true military-grade scope withstanding 900G (!) impacts and other environmental requirements typical to mil-optics. It is extremely difficult (=expensive) to achieve such in practice. Electronic circuit board is naturally fragile component, as displays are too.

    Scope is still shorter than existing M5Xi 5-25 scope, and weight is not more than 1150g – tad over 40oz. Eyepiece looks bulky in pics, but is not really that big when handling scope. Right side of eyepiece is actually very close to normal scope. IFS scope is shorter than current 5-25 scope and not much heavier either.

    Scope is made with principle that user sees everything in FOV without need to look away from scope at basically any time. IFS, as well as normal M7Xi 4-28, will also be offered with new MSR2 which is more or less perfect fit for this type of riflescope too. Scope is providing elevation and windage solutions directly on field of view, but also turret postion feedback same time. There is no need for ballistic reticle, especially as fixed grid can not be as accurate as tilt/cant/weather corrected solution on screen already is.

    MSR and particularly MSR2 work in very wide range of magnifications as new M7Xi 4-28×56 7x ratio scope requires.

    IFS also has programmable milling reference screen for fast milling, showing any predefined object mrad size for distance where elevation turret is adjusted at any time. MSR with ultra-fine milling capability is very beneficial and natural extension for this feature. Reticle ranging measurement time decreases significantly, mrad size for set distance can be seen inside scope, without looking notes or making any additional calculations.

    See upper photo, box on lower left. 1.7m tall objective size is 2.07mrad at 823m distance. Range as solution from elevation turret position: with current air pressure, temperature and weapon cant. Some may notice that mathematically correct result would be 821m – but IFS rounds it to closest 1/100 in mrads. 2.06 or 2.08 would cause more range error, it is sensible to keep mrad target size decimals limited to two for clarity.

    Source: The original article can be found here at Finnaccuracy.


    From EnforceTac, on a Spuhr mount.

    At the moment you can only reserve your Steiner scope, delivery is expected to be in Q3 of 2018.

    Expect the price to be in the €5,000 range, in Europe. That is most likely quoted without any VAT. That’s not so much, if you pay like 100 each month for the rest of your life.

    Believe it or not, I’m actually contemplating a purchase to crown my Tikka T3x TAC A1 once and for all. It will replace the “need” of a Kestrel and a few other items, so the total cost might be comparable.

    Check it out at the Steiner M7Xi IFS homepage and tell us what you think. Are you an all-in digital type of person or do you like it back to basic?

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics, thermals and suppressors. TCCC Certified. Occasionaly seen in a 6×6 Bug Out Vehicle, always with a big smile.