POTD: A picture from the past, back in 1918

    Since 2015 the account CanadasMilHist has been Twittering about “Canada’s vibrant and rich military history through all conflicts.”

    There are some excellent pictures and history from the past to be found there

    For the picture above, the story goes:

    Armourer Sergeant and Staff of the Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade repairing guns. April, 1918. Armourers are working on a captured German MG08 on a sledge mounting in the center, a Lewis machine gun at right, and a Vickers machine gun at left.

    So much history in one picture. Just imagine the background of the captured German MG08.

    a reader added:


    Piles of Lewis Gun magazines boxes, Vickers MG belt box carriers and transit chests in the background too. As well as a Webley revolver with the shoulder stock on the floor at front right.


    The picture below is most likely from dry training, but it makes me wonder if any kind of hearing existed back then?


    Infantrymen of the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada taking part in a Vickers machine gun training course, England, 3 December 1942.

    If you’re interested in more pictures like this in your daily social media flow;

    You can find their Twitter Account here: https://twitter.com/CanadasMilHist

    They are on Facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/Canadasmilitaryhistorycom/