K31 Sniper Chassis system from Wyssen Defence Switzerland

    The Karabiner Model 1931 (K31) was the standard issue rifle of the Swiss armed forces between 1933 and 1958. Technically it’s a is a 6 round magazine, straight-pull bolt action rifle in 7,5×55 mm Swiss, which has similar ballistics to a .308 Winchester.

    If you have such a rifle laying around (I’m sure there are a few in Switzerland!) and want to give it some new life Wyssen Defence from Switzerland has what they call a Sniper Chassis system.

    Please find the description below, auto-translated from German.

    WYSSEN DEFENCE K31 Sniper Chassis system

    For Swiss Karabiner Modell 1931 (Schmidt & Rubin).

    The K31 is mounted in the chassis without permanent modifications.

    WYSSEN DEFENSE Sniper Chassis System Set, FDE

    For Swiss order carabiner K31. The K31 is mounted in the chassis without permanent modifications.

    The run is complete. Free swinging. (Read: Free Floating barrel)
    The muzzle brake is mounted using the original pin instead of the grain carrier.
    The K31 can always be restored to its original state.
    Trigger casing and casing tube machined from aluminum CNC and coated Flat Dark Earth Cerakote.
    Folding shaft with adjustable cheek piece made of polyamide plastic.

    Shank system with folding shaft Flat Dark Earth, Cerakote coated
    ZF mounting rail 0 MOA with Nato / Picantini profile
    Nato rail for short biped assembly
    QD belt eyelets intake
    2 chamber muzzle brake black
    screw material

    Delivery comes without the bipod or the K31 rifle.

    The price for the chassis is CHF 1,850, roughly 2,000 USD if it was available in the US.

    If you can settle for black instead of FDE it’s a little bit cheaper.

    You can find a direct link the home page and chassis here.

    Probably quite a bit more than the K31 rifle, but this isn’t the first chassis to cost more (a lot more!) than the donor rifle. It seems K31s can be found from 300-400 USD, perhaps cheaper.

    Below: Wyssen Defence at EnforceTac.

    I managed to meet with Wyssen Defence AG at both EnforceTac and IWA 2018, so we will be back with more interesting products from them soon. It seems the owner is a daily reader of this blog!

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